When I rebuild the ALL_BUILD file in Visual Studio 2019 I get errors

I’m a complete beginner and I have no idea where to start. When I started the build process, it looked like it was working. But after the process was done, it showed me errors for 16 plugins, and 3 warnings.

build output.xml (711.3 KB)

I have included the build output above which can be opened in notepad. All help would be appreciated.

Run Visual Studio as Administrator. It is trying to copy/remove files from a protected folder (Program Files/Common Files/VST3) that requires admin permission.

As a side note - this error is why I removed the final-stage VST3 copy mechanism from my CMake files in ASPiK as it tended to make new users think something was wrong with the PI framework, when it was really just a permissions problem.


For Windows check here: Preparation on Windows - VST - Steinberg Developer Help

Looks like giving it admin privileges worked. Thanks a ton.