When I try to save a project I get this error message

Hi, I don’t under why but for the last month when trying to save my projects I’ve been getting this error message saying “This project could not be saved because access is denied. No new project could be created.”.
I can work around it by saving the project under a new name, but having to do this every time is a problem and I’d like to fix it.
It started with Cubase 9 and keeps happening with 9.5.
Can anyone help?

Could it be that the read/write permissions for the folder location where you store your projects is set to “Read Only”. Maybe a recent Cubase or OS (whatever it is) update changed it?

Regards :sunglasses:

Yep it was set to read only! I changed it now and will see if it solves the problem :slight_smile:

I have this problem if I want to a save a new project to my Desktop (C: drive, which is an SSD). I discovered - and I know how ridiculous this sounds, that if I name the folder and hit return really fast, it is fine. But if I hesitate over the name for even a couple of seconds, it returns the exact read only error.

The SSD isn’t set read only and the behaviour is bizarre and has only started happening in the last few months.

I’m having the issue as well. My projects are saved in a Google Drive folder, which i access from both, Win and Mac, but the problem only appeared (on Windows) after upgrading to C 9.5.

In Cubase Pro 9.5, I used the workaround of pausing Google Backup and Sync before opening Cubase, and resuming it after closing out of Cubase. Obviously not ideal, as your local files aren’t being backed up until you resume Google’s service; but it at least avoids distractions while working.

I got the error again shortly after installing the 9.5.1 maintenance update, so just turned off Cubase’s autosave feature altogether. That seemed to be when the error was occurring–shortly after a .bak file had been generated, and then I tried to do a manual save. Of course, this means you need to be in the habit of manually saving somewhat frequently.

While I’ve had 9.5.1 installed only since yesterday, these two imperfect workarounds seem to be avoiding the error for the time being.

I told Steinberg about this issue and replied with the workaround I discovered a month or so ago. But they may need to hear from more people to make it a priority. As Google’s services are pretty popular, hopefully they’ll find a way to make the two products play together better.