When I Turn on a MIDI Device AFTER Cubase Launched, Should it Recognize It?

I feel like sometimes Cubase will recognize MIDI Devices if I turn them on after Cubase has launched, but then most times it doesn’t. What’s the expected behavior here? Running Windows 10 and my Roland System-8 generally won’t be seen unless I turn it on before launching Cubase.

I was under the impression this should work so just trying to figure out if this is a bug, something in my hardware setup, or what?

It used to work on my system but after an update to 9.5 it stopped working, it stopped working on r9 as well. Go Steinberg.

I just tested it with a plug and play device- meaning one that uses Windows built-in functions and it worked.

It should work. It might depend on how the driver is programmed.

Working here when tested in C10.0.20, but not in C9.5.50. I seem to remember this was only added as a feature with C10, am I wrong?

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Pretty certain this is to with using the Windows midi driver, if you do so, then it works plug n play. It’s working that way here

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No we’ve had this longer than half a year. Just tested on 9.5 and it works there.

This concern was advertised as working (fixed) with the release of CB9. For me it works on the latest available versions of CB9, 9.5, & 10.

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The System-8 doesn’t use a class-compliant driver (i.e. needs a specific Roland driver, not just plug and play), so perhaps that’s the root cause. Thanks for getting back to me!

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Just for the record, I needed a second keyboard controller plugged in this evening, I have a Korg microkey lying around so I used that. Plugged it into a USB port and it just worked alongside my main controller so…:+1:
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My bad, Windows class-compliant MIDI devices are all detected here when plugged in after Cubase (9.5 or 10) starts.