When I use two+ studio bus's in CR, the metronome fails


I have Cubase 6.0.5.

When I activate metronome click on a second studio bus or third studio bus in Control Room, the click drops out. When second or third studio bus is active and I don’t activate metronome click on one of the busses, problem does’t appear, the click is solid.

If I disable the CR and I use the metronome and enable it to my Stereo Outs, metronome works fine too.

Is there a solution of my problem?

Here is similar topic, but without result:

I think, that people don’t use advanced CR functions, just Stereo Bus, so there is no mention about this problem.

I’m getting the same problems.

Same problem here. Absurd to need a workaround for an onboard click but here’s mine: I activate the click for only one studio mix and send it to the headphones from TotalMix (RME). Sometimes I simply put a click-y signal on an audio track.

One more workaround: instead of the audio click, use the MIDI click triggering a VST instrument. This way, routing of the click is much more flexible.

Anyway, Control Room has so many drawbacks that I ceased from using it. Instead, I use a special project template which is quite complicated, however, it gives me eight independent stereo headphone mixes for direct monitoring through my MR816. I dare to say that my solution is better than Control Room :wink:


Oh dear. I need control room to browse and preview the mediabay samples. I have no real choice but to get it working somehow…

Cubase 6.0.6 update does not solve problem with audio click metronome :confused: Is there another way to report this problem?

by submitting a support request via “mysteinberg”

unfortunately steinberg completely IGNORED MY REQUEST. Thanks for being so busy with 6.5 that my request was ignored btw if any mods are watching…

I’m suffering from this one too, using 6.0.6 as of this morning and I’m still getting dropouts of my audio click…
I have the CR active with a Stereo Out and a Phones channel… why can’t this be nailed? Steinberg
promised a fix with a previous update that thast just DID’NT WORK. It’s turning into a bit of a joke
I’m afraid.

ok… i’ve found a really stupid fix for people with 5 or more outputs on their interface… it sucks to have to do it but it works. I setup “monitors”, “phones” then added “studio 1” and routed that to some outputs on my interface even though I didn’t want it. (looking at my screenshot) 7 and 8 aren’t routed to my monitors physically, so it has no effect other than … somehow it seems to stop things from dropping out! Mystery glitch… (Look at the screenshot to see what I did)

Thanks Alasdair, appreciate the tip - I’ve had an odd sort of result…
I use a Monitor and Phones in my CR setup as a default in my template, so in the spirit of your work-around I tried
adding a Studio channel and assigning outputs but still had dropouts… so then I went back to my saved CR settings and added BOTH a new Studio and Monitor CR instance and didn’t seem to get any dropouts…

So since then I’ve Quit Cubase asnd reopened my template with the original (untweaked) settings and the click seems to be behaving itself which is most odd. I can usually get it to drop out by putting a midi channel into record with the click on and playing some notes.

I just quit C6 again and after reopening it seems to work - Alasdair, can you go back to your Studio/Phones only setup and see if you’ve still got issues?



ah. I think if we’re talking about the “record click dropout” issue, then we’re talking about another issue altogether. Mine is during playback and record.

My monitor and phones wouldn’t work properly when I went back. I have had to keep the “studio” outputs too unfortunately.

Hello All,

A bug report has been submitted and an investigation should be started shortly.
I wasn´t able to reproduce it on a Mac, is any one of you guys on a Mac, if so what OS?
I tried it on Mac OSX 10.7.3.
For what I could see on some of your Signatures, most of you are on Windows.

Best regards,

Hi Miloslav - would you please give a quick thumbnail about how you do that? Maybe use one of the sends on each track to a group, in turn routed to one of your physical outputs to be used as a cue mix?


Hi Miloslav - would you please give a quick thumbnail about how you do that? Maybe use one of the sends on each track to a group, in turn routed to one of your physical outputs to be used as a cue mix?

Hi, Alexis,

the problem is that the ordinary (non-studio) sends do not work for direct monitoring. Therefore, my solution is as follows: let’s say you have 16 physical mono inputs named In01, In02, …, In16, and 8 physical stereo outputs named Out1, Out2, …, Out8. Then, for each physical input you will have to create 8 distinct audio tracks, that’s the basic idea. So, for the input In01 there will be the tracks Tr01_1, Tr01_2, …, Tr01_8, for the input In02 there will be the tracks Tr02_1, Tr02_2, …, Tr02_8, and so on. In this notation, the input of the track TrXX_Y is always set to InXX, and the output of the track TrXX_Y is set to OutY.

In order to manage this complex routing matrix, you can use 8 different mixer views where each mixer view represents one physical output. For instance, the mixer view No.1 would contain the tracks Tr01_1, Tr02_1, …, Tr16_1, then the mixer view No.2 would contain the tracks Tr01_2, Tr02_2, …, Tr16_2, and so on. Of course, for recording it’s sufficient to record-enable only the tracks TrXX_1, however, all the tracks should be monitor-enabled.

I’m aware of the fact that this mathematical description may be slightly distracting, however, I believe that it is better than a snapshot of the project :wink:


Thanks for that, Miloslav! Very understandable, indeed.

If my outputs were more limited (which they are), do you think the following might also be a workaround?

  1. Creating a “Group” for each player/feed desired (for example, “singer”, “guitarist”),
  2. “Sending” the appropriate amount of each track to each Group (for example more of the vocal track to the singer doing overdubs, more of the drum/bass tracks to the guitarist), and then
  3. Routing each group to a different hardware output?

I’ve got a Delta 66 card with 6 outputs, so I think that means I could have 3 different stereo mixes …

Thanks Miloslav, or anyone else, for any thoughts!

Hi, Alexis,

yes, if you don’t use direct monitoring then Groups are another workaround. In your case, you should be able to get 3 independent stereo mixes this way.

Best regards


Ah, I knew it was too good to be true!!

Thanks, Miloslav!

Hi Guillermo

To reply to your question about Mac OS versions - I’m on a mac Pro 3.33 GHz 6-coe Xeon Version 10.6.8.
Cubase version 6.0.6 32bit.
The problem is pretty regular for me now in both playback and record… would love to see a fix for this one.

Many thanks