When I Was Young - Cubase 7 Production

Peoples, for your delectation, here is a new song written by Scottish singer songwriter Steve J. Ward which I recorded and produced mostly in January 2013. Using Cubase 7 and various plugins/ VST instruments this was also mastered during the mixing stage all in one go!

Hope you enjoy, another one to follow shortly…!



nice groove and a laid back song…did a nice job on the mix and enjoyed it.


Very nicely mixed. The two acoustics a sound really tight. Good job!

I noticed you had a midi/instrument track for the banjo. Can ask which plugin it is?


Thank you both :slight_smile:

And the banjo I used was this VSTi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pTi1mMjH0A


well to me that sounds like a brilliant production…really clean and a great vox sound…hear everything…I good work…Kevin

Really nice production. Like the vocals a lot. Acoustic guitars sound really good. What was the chain?

Nothing negative to say about this. Like the whole deal.

Thanks a lot. Just a little EQ and some 1176 compression. That’s it!


less is more…as they say…