When ID license

When is Steinberg rolling out the ID license?

I was delaying the migration from other DAW back to Nuendo just to avoid the hassle of getting the USB stick.
Like, c’mon man, it’s 2022, let’s drop that dongle thing already.

Any info on that matter?

Dorico 4 was released in the past few days - it’s the first product using the new Steinberg Licensing system. Cubase 12 will be the next product released using Steinberg Licensing - this will likely happen when the initial problems with Steinberg Licensing have been solved. My impression of the Dorico 4 release is that it has mostly gone smoothly, though a few bugs in Steinberg Licensing have been shaken out.

Once Cubase 12 has been released, I expect Nuendo 12 to follow shortly afterwards, again using Steinberg Licensing.


Excellent news David. Thanks for the heads up.
I’m looking forward to that release!