When is high-DPI support going to be fixed?

What’s the ETA on bringing Cubase Pro 10’s high-DPI support on Windows to be on par with Bitwig, Live or Studio One?

In particular I’m talking about issues that even Steinberg acknowledges:

  • adjusting the Cubase GUI to Windows’ scaling factors other than 100% and 200%
  • upscaling plugins that are not DPI-aware, ideally to be specified on/off by user per-plugin, like all the above DAWs do

Right now, on my Surface Pro 4, I’m in an opposite of sweet spot - Cubase’s interface is too big (need to use 200%, whereas 175% or 150% would be perfect) and at the same time majority of plugins are tiny, because they’re not upscaled at all.

I appreciate Steinberg’s expectation and faith in the industry that VST devs should bring their VSTs up to standard, but good luck convincing NI, Soundtoys, Waves and many, many others to upgrade their plugins with scaleable GUI… And I’m also aware that majority of user base is either on 1080p screens or big, 4K ones but there are also laptop users and we shouldn’t be denied the pleasure of using Cubase without magnifying glass :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

But what should they do if the other companies don’t update their GUIs for this stuff, rewrite the software for them?

What exactly happens on that machine when you turn off HiDPI in Cubase and run at 150 or 175?

the error is not resolved with 10.0.30 as it looks, too bad

Have we got an ETA for this? Very straining to use on a laptop.

…what does it mean “ETA”? I do not understand this abbreviation.

I do not need 100% because letters are much too smal to me and I do not need 200% because it is too big. A lot of users complain about this, me too. I need to use 150% without blurry fonts and gui. I do not understand, why there is no fix for that problem. I would be grateful if this feature were finally available.

ETA=Estimated Time of Arrival

I’m also anxious for an answer to this exact question! Got really pissed when it didnt resolve with 10.0.30 update. If we have to wait for a new major release of Cubase for HiDpi to be fixed I will for shure abandon Cubase.

I’m also being driven mad by this issue - the choices are turn off hi-dpi and reduce screen resolution which means blurry fonts and gui in general, or turn on hi-dpi at full resolution and deal with all sorts of plugin gui issues, clipping, tiny gui’s etc, plus the giant 200% display.

I understand some plugin manufacturers have not updated their plugins for hi-dpi, but pretty much every other DAW has a solution for this. Bitwig’s is especially elegant I’ve heard.

4k support is essentially broken for Cubase on PC right now.

Fully agree!!!