When is Mac performance going to be addressed?

It’s certain that it would make no sense for me two to change my DAW because of my way of working with Nuendo.
Anyway when you’re about to make the choice of working with just 2 or 4 tracks with the eyes on the CPU, I can’t tell you that the nice environment, a nice UI does no make all…
For me what I want is to have a software that could have the same stability as others that no pretend to be as “Pro” as Nuendo.
In anyway time is our problematic in the industry of creation and Film music.
To count on Nuendo was positive. At this time I’m answering myself with great sadness.
I 'am still waiting and I hope that Sternberg will give us a position.
When they are considering to ba placed in the market in front of Pro tools, let me tell you that what they just save them is the UI and the Neck/Midi tools.
Integration of video, and game, ok but <when your’e working with big studios, the standard is Pro Tools, and those instabilitys do not help Steinberg to be efficient and win market place.
It’s the guy or the musician that make the sound/music, and our softwares are just tools.
At this time I am feel as a cobaye. And this situation is far from professional.
But as I can’t stop saying that I don’t want to change. I would do it because I a am forced.
My love of Nuendo will not win if it don’t help me to do my job.

Of course the quality of the outcome depends on the user / musician / sound designer. Pros of the old days can make magic happen with some tape machines. With a simple pocket knife, a good artist can turn a huge tree stem into a beautiful statue. But it takes time. Had he better tools than just a small pocket knife, some electric saw, the artist could do it far quicker. And in todays environment, where you have time pressure everywhere, in most cases you just don’t have the luxury of “taking the time” and work with pocket knifes.

So, you’re right. A good musician can make great music and get great results with every tool today, all tools are extremely capable. But in reality, everything that saves you a few seconds makes a huge difference.

Being on a 5.1 MP, this topic is a tough consideration.
I’m on NU 7 and now considering the upgrade to 8 with the current sale. It’s mostly that I want to use Izotope 7 and it’s not going to happen, at least well, w NU7.
Part of me is thinking screw it, maybe I should just get Reaper.

In my case, I work with tape and a pretty simple DAW set up. I use some of Nuendo’s features but by far, don’t need many that others here use for gaming and voice work.

Still, having (by a fluke) been on Nuendo since ver. 1… I hesitate. Yet another upgrade is a tough sell over here.