When is Musical Mode not enough (and Set Definition From Tem

Hi -

"When is Musical Mode not enough (and Set Definition From Tempo, SDFT, is needed)?

Hi - I was wondering if there someone could give a clear explanation of when Musical Mode isn’t sufficient, and SDFT is needed. I know how to apply each of them, but I’m not sure when I should use one vs. the other.


Here’s a few of my thoughts/suggestions on this:

a) I’d just switch the Musical Mode ‘on’ for an audio event when it matches the current tempo and I’m about to change the tempo.
b) But, if the music doesn’t match the tempo then you have two choices:
c) If the music is at another tempo, then you can type this tempo into the Pool and the set the event to Musical Mode, then it will conform to the current tempo.
d) If the music is free-hand, i.e. not to a fixed tempo, then I’d use the WarpTime tool to change the project tempo to the match the event, with potentially a tempo change every bar or 2. Then I’d use SDFT to ‘embed’ the tempo changes in the event. Then I’d delete the tempo changes I’ve just added and set the project to one single tempo - the audio event will conform and be at that constant tempo.


It´s not about one being not enough. “Set definition from tempo” is one of several ways to set an audio file into musical mode. and obviously its use is necessary, when the other options don´t give the desired result, like a for a file with non consistent tempo or similar.

Thank you Gargoyle Studio Mike and svennilenni!

All my projects are variable tempo, and when I need to manipulate tempo I use TimeWarp and SDFT as suggested.

I saw a YouTube where someone applied Musical Mode and changed the project tempo in a variable tempo project. I couldn’t quite follow what he said … does it ever make sense to do that (i.e., to not apply SDFT to a variable tempo project when manipulating tempo)?


Sure - if you only want to make relative tempo changes for example.

Ah :bulb: ? … for example, you might mean it’s OK to use Musical Mode alone (no SDFT) in a variable tempo song if one wants to slow it down, to work out a solo for example, or to see if the feel of the song is better when slowed down?

And that the only time we need to use SDFT is if one wants to, for example, change the “phraseology” of the song, or otherwise change its internal tempo relationships?