when is the Cubase 10.5 release?

But when are the x.2 x.3 and x.4 releases?
It’s a mystery…

they always have been very consistent these past years with .5 and primary releases in the october - December window. I thought i’d stop upgrading for a while with cubase 8 but they always managed to sneak in a few features that I really wanted cubase to have, not to mention the performance improvements I had since 9. Where I have like 1/3d increase in performance headroom for the tracks that I made on this 10 year old pc. The streamlining of the interface itself in 10 was also a good move.

Why we need it? For a correct EUCON integration - including mixer visibility synch.

Sad. All of it.

They do not even have the first fully operational version available, like 10.1 or so. We are still in 10.0.30 that feels like a beta.

This is a big reason why, it’s been suggested that exporting to video will finally be available in 10.5, a feature all visual media composers need: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=285&t=147240

Yes. Order is important. :slight_smile:

I agree.

Please update VST Transit and Connect. I haven’t had any luck with both of these!!!

Guys who call the current release a “beta” obviously NEVER had a beta release in their hands.

Wake up, guys.



What about Cubase ?

I am waiting for Cubase .5 :unamused:

its near?

If you check the historical release dates from version 7 in 2012 and forward at the bottom of this article, you’ll have a very good hint on when to expect the release… (mid-November last 2 years, early December the 5 five years before that). It c-o-u-l-d change, but I doubt that.

i heard cubase 10.5 will be the best cubase ever ,(well steinberg says it on every new release) :laughing:

It would be hard to imagine they would spend an entire year of efforts just to make it worse :slight_smile:

:laughing: well that would be interesting business model

Last year was the first that I actually skipped to buy an upgrade on release time. But ofcourse there was this promotion in june, and I heard about ARA that I actually found the most useful feature to upgrade for! So I got the upgrade half price.

They always have a few surprising workflow enhancements that whet my appetite for an upgrade, and the interface/menu behaviour improvements were also always a big reason for me to jump in. Let’s see what they can bring this year.