When is the free Cubase AI 7 upgrade released?

I just got the UR22 interface and want to know when i can get the free update to Cubase 7 as stated on the product page.

I am looking for that too. It seems it is not released yet.
Did you find it somewhere :question: :exclamation:

Yep, I’m also interested in this update.

I have a different question… Did you guys get a limited version (LE) of Cubase AI6 or the complete AI6 version with the UR22? Not the Cubase LE version? Just wondering what version I got… Seems I got the full version but then I also have things that point me to an LE version and even Elements and AI at the same time… My desktop icon says “Cubase LE AI Elements 6”. Kinda weird…

Edit: I dont need this upgrade anymore, just bought Cubase Elements 7. Couldnt wait for any upgrade :laughing:

it’s coming at the end of the month.



Well…sorry my french
The only thing that came (and went) was the month, right :wink:

Regards Kim

Do I get a free update to ai7?

Thank you! No problem.