When is the next bug fix update coming?

Hello guys,

When is bug fix update coming to Cubase 12 there are plenty of bugs and only one update since Cubase 12 release. Any idea what is happening there, and why there are no bug fix updates?

The current release is 12.0.40 so this is update number four.

This week hopefully , with the amount of small issues needed fixing this ones certainly taking it’s time

I am not sure that they are all small issues. I have had a reoccurrence of the menu hang when exiting Cubase 12.0.40. This is very annoying and concerns me because as a UAD user I anticipate staying with C12 for quite a while. Given that they will be staying with VST 2.4 for the foreseeable future.

Version 12.0.50 has been in testing for a number of weeks, so any time soon.

There’s some really obvious bugs in 12.0.40, such as the MIDI display issues that there must be a reason this is taking a while to be cleared for release.

My guess is that HALion 7, on new licensing, is incoming and integrated within the update.

Or they finally came across the issues list and couldn’t believe it.
That must explain why it takes so long. :grin:

Yes, the “testing”… if there was really some testing going on, they wouldn’t have released this huge MIDI notes display bug, it’s been 3 months already. If they were more serious they would have released a hot-fix within a week or two to fix just that bug, and not wait three full months.

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I guess they are very busy with 12.5.0 (or 13.0.0) right now. Quite often there is final version short after a new “major” release.

I would assume that small .x updates are developed alongside in parallel to major versions. At least I would hope so.