when is the next fix ?

:smiling_imp: I sent in couple of issues that were verified by the HALion team
exactly one year ago and still no updates there is no excuse for this once again
HALion left in the cold… I will never buy another instrument from steinberg

this is just unbelievable :imp: :imp:

Another Groove Agent library is out but no Halion libraries

Yes, Steinberg does lag way behind on HALion updates…it’s a shame because I do love the synth! HALion can’t get any love…

? No answer from Steinberg

we’re going on a year and a half since any updates. I can’t load the vst3 version of Halion in any other daws that support vst3 because i just get a beachball. Should have known better

Hi all,

Just to give you a heads-up, the next HALion iteration is already in the making. Although there is no confirmed release date yet, I can assure you that there will be some substantial new features and improvements that will answer long time feature requests as well as introduce completely new possibilities in HALion.

We are also investigating your reports about issues in other VST3 DAWs and are in touch with the companies to find solutions. As of today the issues seem not to be caused by HALion. As soon as we have more information to share, we will let you know.

Sorry but the pitch it’s worth nothing when you keep treating customers as if they don’t exist between each release.
We always see Steinberg representatives participate here when there’s a new version on the horizon and as soon as it is released you happily take out money and vanish until the next release is on the horizon.

So it took Steinberg over 2 years to get in touch with companies to solve an issue with a VST3 version of a Steinberg product so you can let your customers know at the end of the life cycle of the product what the issue was!?
That’s classic Steinberg!

Hi Niles,
I am sorry if you feel like not treated correctly or that your complaints are not being heard. There has been a lot going on since the release of HALion 5. We have developed and released Groove Agent 4, Retrologue 2 and also HALion 5.1 with bug fixes, workflow improvements and new features. In the last couple of month we invested a lot into the development of HALion 6. The forum and the feature request mentioned in it in particular have been a valuable input for the conceptualisation and direction of the future development. Unfortunately the issue that you reported in Studio One hasn’t been addressed in the past. S1 is one of the DAWs that were included in our intitial quality assurance tests and at the time of the release everything was running perfectly in that version of S1. But you are totally right that one could expect from a company like Steinberg to pick up the phone and call another company in the same city (or invest 12 minutes to drive over there…) in order to solve the problem to the benefit for the customers. We have to admit that we messed this up by giving the issue only a low priority in our backlog.

Any chance that full MPE support is on the roadmap ala UVI Falcon to better use newer controllers like the linnstrument?

Hello Matthias,

Thanks for the infos about HALion 6.

A publication with Cubase 9 would not be bad.


Hello Matthias,

Thank you for the reply. You don’t have to feel sorry for me, at the end of the day it’s Steinberg reputation, not mine.

I don’t doubt the dedication and innovation of the Steinberg instruments (hence the fact I use GA4 and Halion 5’s VST2.4 version). However it seems very hard for Steinberg to also implement a solid update schedule after a major product release to iron out the issues and make a great product an even greater product.

Time will tell if the dedication after the Halion 6 release will be any different from previous Steinberg products. But to be honest as a long time Steinberg customer, I don’t have very high expectations.

And for the record, back in 2012 Halion 4 had the same issue in Studio One 2 and it was never fixed. So QA might have missed it. There was a double point version of Studio One that worked with Halion’s VST3 version, but that one was released a lot later than Halion 5 even later than 5.1.10. Also the VST3 version has the same issue in Reaper as in Studio One.

Still no fixes !! like I said sent in issues they were verified over a year ago …
is this the way its going to be wait for a new version ? HALion is the flag ship
instrument but Groove agent gets more attention, No excuse !!!

Any word on a fix for the current version ?

Typical Steinberg.

Well I been moving over to Komplete I pretty much given up,

I love the sound of Halion, but it crashes my Cubase session - unlike Kontact.

Yes I love the sound, the content is really good, the features are beyond amazing,
Just seams left behind all the time, no 3rd party no add on’s of any kind.
I sent in issues that were verified a year ago, still no fix updates.
Steinberg, thinks everything will be ok when they release the next version,
No good with out support, probably haft to pay for the next version.
I’m still waiting to use this version, wasting my money

2 years no update? steinberg this is no good work,
need fix 2 problem
surround panner postion dosnt save
save as to folder not work

+1 fix the issues

Forget about it and move to Kontakt.

I wasted my money too on what was really an unsupported product. No wonder there is almost no third party support for Halion. Just look at how they flock to Kontakt.