when is the next fix ?

Well I been moving over to Komplete I pretty much given up,

I love the sound of Halion, but it crashes my Cubase session - unlike Kontact.

Yes I love the sound, the content is really good, the features are beyond amazing,
Just seams left behind all the time, no 3rd party no add on’s of any kind.
I sent in issues that were verified a year ago, still no fix updates.
Steinberg, thinks everything will be ok when they release the next version,
No good with out support, probably haft to pay for the next version.
I’m still waiting to use this version, wasting my money

2 years no update? steinberg this is no good work,
need fix 2 problem
surround panner postion dosnt save
save as to folder not work

+1 fix the issues

Forget about it and move to Kontakt.

I wasted my money too on what was really an unsupported product. No wonder there is almost no third party support for Halion. Just look at how they flock to Kontakt.

Interesting…I got my money’s worth out of H5 before I even purchased a key (Some $200ish dollars for H5 in a promo deal they were running…I had already grossed $1,200 from the H5 generated project)…while it was still in Trial period! Fell in love and ordered it well before the trial ran out.

It’s a really powerful instrument that’s interesting and inspirational to soundscape with. It’s very well put together and comes with quite a nice pallet of base samples and layers to work with. Tons of example patches to ‘learn from’. For surround sound projects there’s nothing else on the market quite like it in terms of how fast and easy it is to create (with Cubase) then pretty much drag and drop in lush 7 and 8 channel samples.

I’ve discovered that unless I’m super strapped for time I rarely need to go hunting for expensive ‘third party libraries’. I can usually set aside some time to ‘build my own’ using the included content…quite often starting with an existing base patch and making a few minor tweaks. If I do need a super realistic acoustical third party instrument library with 200 articulations and 27 velocity layers in a hurry…I can always buy the library and use their included ‘free player’.

H5 is Well worth the money if one actually digs in and uses it :slight_smile: Sometimes we get consumed with what is NOT on the table, and miss out on all the great stuff that IS.

It’s not for everyone…that’s why they have trial versions.

I’ve already set aside budget for H6. It’s going to be EXCELLET!

I’m sure you are right. I just find myself always gravitating towards Kontakt. The idea of trying get back into H5 just does not excite me.

i just got H5 for $200.

i love it.

i can’t bring myself to go the Kontakt route.

seems too strong-arm-ish to me.

as it stands H5 is pretty danged amazing! plus the UI is exactly how i think coming from a 3D CAD background.

but i am only now coming into it.

for what i spent compared to what i would have to spend for Komplete/Kontact (full) - no comparison.

I love HALion too its great instrument .
but thats not the issue, there has been no support for it
no fixes for over a year no new content,
I can’t use it

i guess i can’t speak to the lack of support, other than the 2 recent support requests i’ve submitted with no answer.

i did get an email asking me to complete a survey about my customer experience.

pretty funny in that i have no customer experience with my 2 requests.

i’m a low level synth/sample user, so H5’s current state is enough for me.
most of my stuff is tracked guitar, bass, and voice.

but i can imagine users who depend on this type of instrument day in day out getting upset.

Halion 6 looks like it might make NAMM 2017.

so, other options that i see:

MOTU Mach 5
UVI Falcon

all 3 very expensive, especially Komplete - that looks like a huge hole ($$$) i’d rather not peer into.

what is everyone looking into as an alternative to Halion?

  • i still can’t get the HSO trial to run properly.


NO ONE CARES FOR IT… I’ve been making samples and now none of my presets show up after that update that they made a while back… I thought hmmm didn’t notice that update but actually it screwed up more… I can see it has now User icons in the loader but they come out empty and nothing shows up… I see my name and manufacture grayed out when scanning…

I’ve always been a hardcore HALion supporter but I’m reaching the end of the line if they keep doing this… Its nothing new… they always leave HALion behind. and a new one may come up but the old one Still bugging the heck out of us…

If you make a patch now and save… it does not come out no matter what I do unless I export it with samples and loaded manually…

COME ON Steinberg… WE invented VST and other companies are taking it by storm… HATE kontakt crappy effects and it can let me insert scripts and add graphics to my content. We have a MACRO TAB that has been empty since HALion 4 came out, you should be able to load it with author artwork and simple go to parameters via simple script and so on…

…there is no excuse for this type of behavior.

I’m beyond led down…

100 precent agree with you on all your issues .
I won’t be upgrading to the next release I lost all trust. I don’t use any Steinberg instrument or any of the content
I find in that area they just don’t seam to get it, I stay with Companies that specialize in there

Hi all,
As I mentioned before, we have constantly been working on HALion 6 and HALion Sonic 3 since the release of Groove Agent 4. The beta program has already started a few weeks ago and we are getting closer to the “feature complete” status. Right at this moment there are several sound designers from different countries working on new presets and sounds. There is nothing like “leaving HALion behind”. We have a whole HALion team at Steinberg that just focuses on the development of the HALion platform. There will be some big new features in H6 that will be worth waiting. Please have some more patience.

Boss I say it based on my experience… Its always the last on the list, always… since I got HALion 1

Took forever to go from 2 to 3 then from 3 to 4… As I thought H6 is in the horizon but H5 is still miss behaving and crashing for no apparent reason… specially when I’m hard at work sound designing :frowning:
Its very heavy on the CPU when using Grain and user Library is never populated in the main loader, even with the last update…

Hope they put all my requests on H6 :wink:

Still have all my HALion 1 contents and Discs. Wizoo Bass XXL still one of my fav…
That’s how loyal I’ve been to this product…!


well it sounds great that its in the work my concern is fixes HALion 5 has been out
for sometime and no fixes for more than a year, I haven’t even used HALion 5
yet so I guess I’m suppose to spend more money on 6 and hope I can start using it…

You see, that is not fare at all…! That’s why I said what I said about HALion and its 100% accurate. Just the fact that H5 has not been serviced for over a year. mmh!

AGAIN, HALion is the best sounding VST sampler out there period but we really need to get on it way faster.

One thing they Must put an extra effort is the CPU load… There is virtually no point or use to put “playback” to best or high quality if your CPU will start nagging about it and clip a lot. Even in stand alone… I always leave it at standard. Imagine having 12 or so instances or 16 programs running at once. And I’m at 512 samples buffer size when one single patch at high quality hits the CPU hard and my computer is very beefy. You can see that meter go up very fast

CPU load need to be addressed… But I know for sure its the fast heavy VST plug ins that it comes with, which are very high quality… Grain engine is also heavy on CPU. Same with Padshop Pro…

Only a hand full of users are passionate enough to work with HALion independently to create content. We should have 100s of library to chose from by now.

…was that a Freudian slip, … I agree “we are all being led down … the garden [sales] path by SB”

… been quietly watching and agreeing wit so much, Hal* family of apps, are cpu hogs, if and when they work

…was that a Freudian slip, … I agree “we are all being led down … the garden [sales] path by SB”

… been quietly watching and agreeing wit so much, Hal* family of apps, are cpu hogs, if and when they work


Are you comparing instances of equal complexity?
I.E. It’s not a fair comparison if your reference plugin is playing an unencrypted single layer patch that was sampled at the same clock rate as your project streaming over a single bus with no extra processing; while your halion reference is playing an encrypted, 16 layer, 7 channel surround sound patch, with 4 or 5 effects running in Halion (Like heavy convolution reverbs, multiple compression and distortion effects, amp simulators, etc…with some samples that may have been mastered at a different clock rate from your DAW project, etc…).

Don’t forget that several of the ‘H4’ Factory patches are 7 channel surround sound! Tweak the patches for stereo and save new copies if you don’t need surround sound!

My personal experience is quite different. Halion 5 is the most efficient plugin I have with anywhere near the power and feature set offered. The only thing I’ve run that uses less system resources (with a comparable number of tones being generated or samples played) is ARIA/Sforzando. There’s a pretty big difference in the complexity of the patches and samples I’m running in the two players though. I pile on the effects and layers with Halion…where in ARIA I’m running really lean libraries that were designed and optimized at a time when a dual core ‘Core Duo’ architecture and SATA2 platter drives were considered ‘high end stuff’ for consumers.

I’ve got an ancient AMD Hex core rig running only 8gig of DDR2 memory (all at stock speeds of well under 4ghz), and it doesn’t even break a sweat with very robust instances of Halion 5 (40 or more tracks). I usually track at 24bit 48khz (no need to go higher unless I’m hooking really nice microphones to the rig). My sample libraries are all over the map…some are 44.1khz, some 48khz, etc.

I use Halion 5 in at least 4 different hosts (Cubase, Sibelius, Finale, Bidule) on a regular basis.

In contrast, I have ‘single instrument’ monophonic sample based plugins by several other companies that require massive ASIO buffers of 1meg or larger (in all four of the previously mentioned hosts) to even get a single instance of them working on a single track (needless to say, I can only step input with these plugins…too much latency to play in them live).

I.E. ONE instance of a popular ‘violin section plugin’ (I’ll call it brand X since I’m not into bashing products that I ‘tested’ before I purchased and knew their shortcomings before I got them) is so resource hungry I have to instant render the tracks to use the plugin. If I activate the Brand X plugin’s reverb (which isn’t even convolution based) it’s totally unusable as a live plugin (must instant render). This plugin isn’t surround sound, and it doesn’t include any tools to simulate surround sound (while Halion does). In the brand X plugin(s), the ‘decryption protocols used to play back the protected content’ for a single track alone in at least 3 competing products on my system take more CPU than Halion is using to play back a ‘more lush and robust’ 16 to 20 track Halion Symphonic Orchestra Library based project.

Quite a few of the competing products I have don’t really have a ‘manual’ at all, let alone in dozens of languages! They cost as much as Halion 5 just to get a few orchestra instruments, and I can’t edit them much at all! They have predefined special characteristics that cannot be altered. They have individual samples that are out of tune, cannot tuned or replaced, etc. They have fixed reverb tails that I can’t get rid of or fine control. Any requests for information on how to adjust the disk buffers and such for my older system have either been ignored, or confirmed as ‘not possible’. So called ‘support’ wasn’t any better or worse than Steinberg’s. In short…they said, "You need in the least a mid level Sandy Bridge based rig to run our product (even though their spec sheets simply say ‘a dual core processer’ 3ghz or faster!) Just the CPU on such a rig cost more than my entire PC setup (not counting the software).

So…with the ‘cpu hog’ called Halion, I’m doing quite well on a 12 year old, bottom of the barrel, low end PC. I can’t say the same for many of the other products on the market right now. Alternatives as powerful, efficient, and flexible as Halion are twice the price…and that’s mostly for the privilege of staring at lists of not so great ‘third party libraries’ (again often more expensive than H5) that I’m not very interested in buying (and that come with free players anyway).

My experience is QUITE DIFFERENT.

Note, it did help to

  1. Read the MANUAL.
  2. Tweak the CPU, Disk, and Memory settings in Halion to optimal settings for my system (For my rig once an H5 instance needs more than about 400 voices…‘the host’ runs a bit more efficient if I let H5 do its own internal core management).
  3. Make sure I increase the max polyphony as my project gets larger. 99% of the time, if Halion starts sounding weird or dropping notes…if I look in the Option tab I’ll notice that the project is asking for more voices than the Max setting. Bumping that up to a large enough number fixes it.

As for the ‘if and when they work’ remark…
I do know ONE way to crash H5. Until it gets fixed it’s easy to work around. I hope they release a patch for H5 on all known issues that can ‘crash’ H5. One shouldn’t be required to buy H6 to get these basic fixes!

Putting things in perspective: I also know ways to crash most of the competing plugins that are of equal (and in many cases far simpler) complexity to Halion! Ironically, some of those plugins HAVE released several ‘fixes and updates’ in the past year, but I can still crash them just the same (sometimes the so called ‘updates’ cause more problems than they solve).

Those companies that have gone over to rapid prototyping ‘subscription’ models have been the worst in terms of charging users to get a steady stream of ‘alpha and beta’ phase ‘updates’ that often break more things than they fix. Be careful what you wish for. I’d rather have less frequent updates that are well tested in large scale production environments than be forced to pay $40 a month or more for some kind of ‘subscription service’ to get a steady stream of ALPHA releases and broken new features (and a lot of advertisements and HYPE).

I do know of a few things buried DEEP inside Halion 5 that don’t ‘seem’ to work quite the way it’s documented in English (perhaps just a translation error in writing the manual)…but the behavior was still consistent and useable. I really had to go digging and making complex sounds to find such issues. Despite some of my misunderstandings over the learning curve of mastering the instrument, there have always been at least 3 other valid methods supported by the Halion engine to finish my patches/programs and achieve the desired sonic effect.

I do agree that Halion needs some refinement in how users can save, manage, and distribute custom content. It can and should be more user friendly, with more tools to refine and distribute new content (I.E. Make third party libraries supporting the Macro and scripting engines to share or sell). I’m pretty sure that IS coming in H6. I’m interested in these new tools, so I’ll buy it :slight_smile:

I have very little trouble getting Halion Engine products to WORK…and to work very well.
On my rig H5 and GA4 are very productive plugins AS IS. I easily got my $240 dollars worth out of H5 during the first 6 months of using it.