when is the next fix ?

Well, I have to disappoint you regarding a surprise release today, but I can confirm that H6 is planned to be released on a Thursday.

:smiley: today maybe ? :wink:

Maybe next…or… :wink:

The point of this is the fact the current version had no support, no matter how much
you want to talk about the next version. this is wrong !
they say the HAlion team is committed and hard at work, well when did they start
to do that, is 6 going to be the same ? release it and forget it…
:imp: :imp:

fixed. This has been their motto for some years apparently.

I lost patience around 6 mounths ago, sold both Halion and Cubase, and moved on to Studio One,…

Sampler will be a mix of Kontakt, Structure, and EX3 from now on, (old Ultra 5000’s also)

When a new Halion 6, maybe, some day, arrive, I will not feel tempted to try again, I know better by now,…

Now that Steinberg has wasted Halion’s chance to become the new defacto soft-sampler format, the chances are even worse that they will be suddenly start being dedicated to their own product, everyone knows Kontakt is defacto now

That might also be the hole reason they choose to fail Halion, and the fact samplers are not top-sellers these days

Its a bit better with Cubase I guess, as for Halion it would have been more honest just to stop development and make an end to it, honest, and officially, long ago,… insteadt of keeping us waiting in a false hope for far to long

Everything has its time, guess it will be there sometime 2017, but that will be some years to late :slight_smile:

But hey, life is still nice, and it goes on, happy x-mas, and 2017 everyone,…

Yes I moved over to Komplete and superior drummer, did a custom install of Cubase and took out the rest of its
Content and all vsti, will never use there instruments again

bump :mrgreen:

Yeah, I’m experiencing the crashing bug with Logic X 10.3. Steinberg is pretty terrible with updating their apps. I honestly don’t understand how they can go 1+ years without updating software that customers have paid hundreds for…and they have done this for YEARS…

There is no way that I’m going to fall for this “Oh the NEW one is out…give us more money…and forget about what we already sold you…because we already spent that money!”


Yep ! We were also told when 6 came out there would be a fix for 5
That didn’t happen, :angry:

The HALion 6 release is not complete yet, as HALion Sonic SE 3 as part of it is still missing. I doubt that you will see the Maintenance update of HALion 5 before HALion Sonic SE 3 is released.



Hi all,

The final maintenance release for HALion 5 is now available for download.

Download HALion 5.1.20 update

Reading through the names in this thread I am curious if anyone from you guys hasn’t updated to HALion 6 yet? How are you getting along with the H6?

I’m loving H6! It fixed every stability issue I’d ever had with H5 in various scoring packages, gave me great new content to work with, and all the ‘power user’ features for sound-craft I’ve ever dreamed of.

So far I’ve just been doing simple manipulations and enhancements to HSO and other content that is included with Dorico, of which I can pull the Presets into Sonic SE. At some point I’d like to share them, along with corresponding expression maps, with other Dorico owners (free of course…).

One thing I am wondering about…
Since I’m making presets that rely on existing samples/layers/etc. from content packs that all Dorico Users have, and not entire libraries that include samples, what would be the best way to package and distribute those?

I don’t have multiple systems to try things with, but will presets work with other systems by simply dragging them to a particular folder on any system that has Dorico, Sonic SE (Version 3 or later) and HSO properly installed? On my system I can just drag them right onto a Sonic SE slot and they load right up and work. Will that apply on the systems of others if I simply zipped them with instructions like, “Drag it onto a Sonic Instrument slot, then save the preset.”