When is the next maintenance update due?

Just wondering??? Thanks in advance.

This semester.

Retina Display Support…? Please?


Please can you add RF64 support for WL9 Elements please?

Thank you.

The “semester” is over for most educational facilities. Any update? Thanks

Semestre in French is the first or second half calender year, so that would be before July 1st…


I never took French in school now if you want to “talk” Latin…Ego te hominem

Thanks for the lesson

Maybe tomorrow? :wink:

The first of July 2017 is 6 days away so does that mean the update is going to be this week?

Just curious?

The update is finished, from the development side. It needs a few days to reach the state of “downloadable”.

Apart from the Arjan P absolutely useless clarification about the word “semestre” in French (in English, “semester”, in German, “semester”, in Italian, “semester”, in Spanish “semestre”, in Deutch, “semester”,… all of them with exactly the same meaning), may I point out that today is the last day of the semester and we are still waiting for the update?

Il serait beaucoup mieux d’arrêter de faire des jeux de mots et de respecter les engagements :blush: .

My useless clarification wasn’t about the word but the different meaning of it in American English (academic period) and French (half calender year). Thanks for proving the clarification wasn’t so useless, seeing your reaction.

I would rather that the update be done well with no hidden problems so I will wait for the update.

It is too bad that this announce the date and then not meet the deadline is becoming the La façon normale de travailler for Steinberg.

Pour ce qu’il vaut

Semester definition:

1 : either of the two usually 18-week periods of instruction into which an academic year is often divided
2 : a period of six months

  1. semester - one of two divisions of an academic year
  2. semester - half a year; a period of 6 months
    1. a six-month period; half year
  3. either of the two terms, of about eighteen weeks each, which usually make up a school or college year

Are we talking here about an academic year or a period of time?

May I remember the thread main topic: “When is the next maintenance update due”?

Do you honestly think that any of this thread participants has confused the sense of semester? Do not tease us please.

By the way, today is the first day of the second semester. :wink:

Sorry for the semantic digression.

Ever heard of context?

Sorry PG, but … how much time your people need to add one update file to “Downloads” folder?? One month?

It probably has to be compiled and checked for programming errors. Best to let them do their job than to rush things and get a “buggy” update like has happened in the past.

WL 9.0.35 is working well in the meantime.

how much time your people need to add one update file to “Downloads” folder?? One month?

They are not “my people” :wink:

I was told, before next week :slight_smile: