When is the next update coming out?

Just wondering and if possible what will it include? Thanks in advance. GREAT SOFTWARE!!!

It may be too much to hope for, but why not aim high anyway…!

A Feature Request for a Wavelab equivalent of Source-Destination editing, to enable fast identification and processing of alternate takes (stereo only would be fine…at this stage) The Sequoia implementation of MuSyc seems to have the right focus: http://www.magix-audio.com/us/sequoia/classical-productions/#productMenu

This may not take a complete reinvention of the wheel…there are probably customized actions which already exist within Wavelab which could be chained together to achieve the Source/Destination process, while seeking, identifying and syncing similar source material is already a component of many ‘sync by audio’ video process chains (eg Power Director) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePvTG25X6f0 Of course the syncing step isn’t necessary, just to identify and highlight (or split as discrete similar audio segments like Sequoia ) would be sufficient.

Just wondering and if possible what will it include

As you certainly know, Steinberg does not communicate before concrete availability, though WaveLab 9 was preceded by a video teaser.
What I can say today: no teaser for next version, and WaveLab 9 was released long enough ago… :wink:

(Shaking the dice in clenched hands…) C’moooooon Retina support! ; )

Source/Destination requires tracks that can be unlinked in time (or re-linked), so the Source Track(s) can be focused at 55:40, and the Destination Track(s) can be focused at 11:23, with in/out placement points and one shortcut key routines that are fast and specific to perform the edits. And the Source and Destination tracks can be at different zoom levels. Sequoia, Pyramix, Soundblade, Sadie all have S/D because it was a requirement in a pro mastering app at one time, and still is for many people. That and a comprehensive full-featured crossfade editor, that they also all have. There was a classical mastering engineer here using Wavelab who had a rough Source/Destination workaround, but it’s not the same as doing it with a program that’s dedicated to it. He’s gone on to one of the other programs. It would be nice if Wavelab added this. Maybe I could get used to 3 and 4 point editing again.

2 separate montages was his workaround, I think, but not very satisfactory.

Something like Source-Destination editing in WL would be a great improvement also for me.

An upcoming cross-roads decision moment for PG/Steinberg (yet again, since WL6) to capture the Pyramix/Sadie/Sequoia classical music editing market…or play safe and placate the pop/radio/spoken word market.

Any guesses on which will prevail (hint: check past history) ? Revenue and loyalty metrics vs visionary risk taking; consistently defeats innovation development costs…‘would be nice…but no dice’

A Feature Request for the next update of Wavelab. Would it at all be possible to add the option of routing the main output to several pairs of DA converters instead of just one like it is today? So basically more i/o routing options.

That would be amazing!

If you just need to switch between 2 DACs, Speaker Configuration should do it I would think. But if you need to feed 2 DACs simultaneously, it’s weird, but you can do it if you set the montage to Multichannel DVD 4 channel, Lf,Rf/C,LFE, then route the track output and set the ASIO. You get 4 meters everywhere and 4 Master Section faders you don’t need, but it does give you another output from a multichannel interface. Also some plugins won’t work in the Master Section with 4 channels going through, but if you don’t use Master Section plugins anyway it shouldn’t matter. I don’t remember what happens with renders, but I’ll have to try that again because I think it can be fine.

So basically I agree routing could be improved everywhere, in and out, but if you really need to send to 2 DACs at the same time, you can, with Wavelab as it is.

I do it all the time with one of these. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Z-Systems-z-8-8-Digital-Detangler-w-Cord-from-Frank-Sinatra-Jr-Estate/302486041495?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908110712%26meid%3D71dc6a1eb9904f199b8740f11840aa09%26pid%3D100677%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D13%26sd%3D182723132619&_trksid=p2385738.c100677.m4598.

Why ask the software to do something that is easy to do with an external rack mounted unit? I can switch the output of my DAW to multiple inputs with the push of a button. Almost everyone I know who does a lot of work with digital signals has some type of digital patch bay. Why make the software more complicated? FWIW

I would also welcome this. I do it each session with REAPER where I do my analog processing. My main “Source” track is routed to both of my DA converters (HEDD and HILO) for feeding the analog gear and on the mastering console I choose which one feeds the gear. Then I have a duplicate of that track sent to my Avocet so I can monitor a totally pure version of the song with no plugin or analog gear processing.

Then in REAPER I have a script that seamlessly toggles between the two AD options (HEDD and HILO) and it’s really helpful for instant comparisons of the two converters.

I´d really prefer to have the software do this rather than another outboard box. It’s easily done in for example Reaper like you described Justin, so I don´t see why the routing can’t evolve a bit in the next update of Wavelab.

I’d love to be able to route the signal to two or even three DA converters simulataniously, and also be able to switch between two different AD converters in the software by the push of a button.

Please consider doing something like this for the next version! :smiley:

I’d really like some type of instant “bypass” for the input plugin or external gear plugin… so I can switch instantly between monitoring the incoming signal (the track I’m currently mastering), and just listening to other tracks in the montage (to use them as a reference against the track I’m currently mastering - so I can match levels for an album, etc).

A lot of these feature requests we’ve posted about many times in the past… I doubt PG forgot us… :slight_smile: Maybe it’s helpful to keep voting for our ideas though… hehe

There is already, its even loudness compensated.

(sorry for taking this so off-topic Thomas, but it’s almost too late now).

But maybe there’s a better estimate now of when the next update is coming out ???

Toader, I forget where this left off. Are you ok using the External Gear plugin in place of the Audio Input plugin? If so, there might be a new Master Section bypass shortcut that’ll work for you. If you go to Shortcut preferences and search for “bypass” there are a few new ones in there I think. I put the F12 key on “bypass master section” and I think it would work ok. It’s still a bad workaround for the lack of an input desk IMO, but better than nothing if it helps. https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=244&t=94528

if Wavelab just had an input desk with effect slots, and track i/o to hear it. I can’t think of a program that doesn’t.

What do you mean with an “input desk”?
You capture “input” and process “output” this is a fundamental principle. Everything in digital I/O happens after A/D
Hearing “input” is just realtime data that has not been committed to memory or disk yet.

An input mixer with effect slots, like Cubase. And a Monitor button on tracks, like Cubase, to switch monitor between input and file playback from that track. You can’t play track files in Wavelab (for Toader’s A/B needs) when the Audio Input plugin is in the Wavelab Master Section. The playback cursor just sits there. Bypassing the plugin makes no difference. You have to remove the plugin to play anything in the montage.

I ran into basically the same thing transitioning from Sonic Studio HD to Wavelab just trying to work pitch and catch, even without the need for effects in the input chain: no good way to play what’s on the track in Wavelab (the previously mastered track) vs. what’s coming in from the mastering console from the pitch machine (the track currently being mastered. To play through the same output. The Cubase input mixer and monitor button make it easy. And that functionality is available in every other program I know.

I feel WL is the wrong tool for your goals? Cubase seems to cater more four needs? Wavelab is not about multitrack recording and mixing. It’s about mastering, it either being digital delivery or capturing a live stream
The ingest data and process data are 2 different cycles