When is WL 9 coming out?

I’ve been hoping for proper multi-channel file handling - but the teaser shows no hint of it, and I would have expected such a big change to be shown at some point, even if not highlighted. So I’m currently steeling myself up for considerable disappointment.

Will upgrades done now to 8.5 qualify for version 9? Or would one have to upgrade from 8.5 now and again to 9.0 in a few weeks?

When I have seen this comment in the past, then experienced the reality, I’ve invariably been forced to end the quote thusly:

Sure hope it’s different this time.


we will only have download updates for 8.5 to 9 and no printed manual. However, with that new interface you
will probably need to look into the manual less often :wink:


Thanks Timo,

So the big question is when will it be ready and how much will the upgrade price cost from 8.5?


What’s about the grace-period time?
I bought Wavelab 8.5 last week on thomann.de and now I’m afraid that I won’t be allowed to update via grace-period. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Buying time is not relevant for grace period, but the moment of activation of the license. So if not activated yet, I’d suggest you wait until more is clear about the grace period.


What does it mean “Lieferung mit 8.5 Freischaltung”?
Does the Grace Period Update Work with this version?

What that retailer is offering appears to be WaveLab 8 with (probably) a voucher for an upgrade to 8.5 (or activation code on a card in the box). I would be careful about such offers – Thomann, in this case, are a reputable retailer but sometimes it’s not clear why they do these offers, possibly just to get rid of old (physical) stock.

I am almost certain that it is activation date dependent. Did you activate v8 after the v8.5 grace period has started? You get v.8.5. Simple as that. I would guess that you’ll end up with v9 if you activate it during/after v9’s grace period as well.

Yes, it is dependent on the date of activation but I’d still be careful. The box might contain an activation code for WaveLab 8.0 only, and if activated after the start of the grace period for WaveLab 8.5 (i.e. today) then the user would be entitled to a grace-period free update to WaveLab 8.5, but possibly not to WaveLab 9.0.

The best thing would be to clarify from Thomann exactly what’s in the box, then raise a support ticket with Steinberg to clarify the position with regard to the grace period and whether you’d be entitled to a grace period update to 9.0.

So, I’ve called Thomann and they said, that a WaveLab 8.5 License comes within the box, but only an installation DVD for 8.0. The DVD for 8.5 has to be downloaded at steinberg.net.
So I hope it will be correct!

So, don’t activate the license until more is known about the grace period for WL Pro 9!

This hints at better understandable tool-tips… interesting.

Hey there, Does the WL Pro 9 will come with ZTX Pro stretching algorithm?? That’s would be awesome!

Will there still only be two versions? Elements is a bit too limited and the full version contains lots of high end features that aren’t needed for basic mastering. I’d love to see a third “Artist” version.

This Artist version should include the complete CD authoring features from the full version, 8 plug-in slots, The Pro dithering plug-ins *, EBU-compliant loudness metering, basic batch conversion and multiple monitor selection options, etc. It could dispense with Spectrum Editing and other high-end features (more suitable for audio restoration and forensics).

Steinberg has long falsely claimed, in the manual, that WaveLab elements can use installed Cubase plug-ins. Perhaps it’s time live up to this claim?

“Cubase Artist” has become very popular. I convinced that “WavLab Artist” will aswell.

clap . . . clap . . . clap . . . clap. . .[Audience whistling] clap . . clap
Come on Steinbeg ! That teaser was a long time ago !

I feel ready for more information.

Patiently waiting for more information. Steinberg is great at wetting people’s appetites and then not following up.

Let’s see a REAL release date PLEASE. No more words like SPRING or SOON or SHORTLY.

It cannot be that hard to just pick a date and be done with it UNLESS there are problems that are still being “fixed”. Lets hope NOT.



will WL 9 reintroduce the highly missed audio database or at least the media bay?!
We use WL to make sound collages and still use WL6 for browsing our sound archive. But the clock is ticking and WL6 is not supported any more and is not stable on W7 64bit.
Never understand why it was dropped in WL7. It would be even useful for maintaining different versions at mastering!?