When is WL 9 coming out?

clap . . . clap . . . clap . . . clap. . .[Audience whistling] clap . . clap
Come on Steinbeg ! That teaser was a long time ago !

I feel ready for more information.

Patiently waiting for more information. Steinberg is great at wetting people’s appetites and then not following up.

Let’s see a REAL release date PLEASE. No more words like SPRING or SOON or SHORTLY.

It cannot be that hard to just pick a date and be done with it UNLESS there are problems that are still being “fixed”. Lets hope NOT.



will WL 9 reintroduce the highly missed audio database or at least the media bay?!
We use WL to make sound collages and still use WL6 for browsing our sound archive. But the clock is ticking and WL6 is not supported any more and is not stable on W7 64bit.
Never understand why it was dropped in WL7. It would be even useful for maintaining different versions at mastering!?



Steinberg marketing is notorious for this kind of hype. They think that sticking some vague information out there is going to generate some sort of excitement. While that worked fine in 2005 but in 2016 - it’s about being on task and actually delivering a WORKING product straight up.

And let’s not forget - it’s an audio editor. Not exactly a piece of software that has competition or needs to get the masses talking.

They would be better off saying nothing at all until they have shipping code ready to go. Then release it with NO pre-hype announcement and have an actual working product delivered to the customer base.

I get more wayyyyy more excited when an update to product I use that suddenly appears with no warning and actually works - instead of one that has been hyped for months and ends up being a bugfest.

The folks at Spectrasonics now take this tact and it keeps the anticipation high because they tell you nothing about anything. This also frees them up to do the work instead of coding crap to make a release date.


I use WL6 regularly on a Win7 64bit laptop and it’s fine and perfectly stable, even if not officially supported

It’s probably way too late for Feature Requests now, and too early (?) to expect feature confirmation, but could Timo or PG comment on whether anything resembling Source Destination (4 Point) Editing is possible or facilitated in WL9, as used in Pyramix or Sequoia ?

WL users have been able to simulate some of the key functions of S-D editing using tiled Montages…hopefully at least this will still be possible in WL9 ? To my way of thinking, this crucial editing tool would be required before Steinberg is able to permit themselves the title of “Pro” added to the ‘9’ !

It’s Mar. now, but there is still little or no information right now… :frowning:

There is no problem and no delay on the original schedule… just be a bit more patient for the logistics to take place.

PG, feel free to release it on march 15th as my birthday present, lol.

It is officially spring

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Where is the beef??? or more correctly where is the announcement of when this will be released? Steinberg said spring…

Well, theoretically true but we are still waiting for winter in Germany.
I don’t know where in France PG lives, but it’s probably the same there.

Well, as you can see there, there are many definitions of the spring’s start…

Well, anyway, I start to hear birds outside…


My bet’s on http://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/march-equinox.html

i’m still on 8.0. What does 8.5 or a future 9.0 offer me?

If they said spring you could be waiting until mid june, lol.

Based on nature here, spring started around Christmas last year…

Wait? Do we get different release dates in the southern hemisphere?

Hi guys,

WaveLab Pro and Elements 9 will be released on March 15.

All the best,

There ya go. Now we know.