When is WL 9 coming out?

I would not want to be without the DDP and metadata features either. WL8 has many new and powerful features which are awesome and earn PG the “DAW Cordon Bleu” award! None of us WL veterans are complaining about these features.

It is the UI that is troubling us. I can report that after a year with WL8, nobody in our two studios has acclimated to the Workspace UI model. Frankly, everybody FCKNG HATES IT!!

I will add to the voices here that a WL6(ish) UI mode would be welcome.

I am a HUGE v6 fan.

I am enjoying the best of both worlds now.

I have v6 and v8 installed. I use v6 for tracking (record to montage track, overdubs) - have been for years and haven’t had the time or energy to test out the same procedure on v8 yet (v8 didn’t have record to montage feature for a while). V6 is so easy and familiar that I just keep going back to it for critical montage overdub/ recording. I use v8 for all other production, assembly and conversions. Both work fantastic on my Win 7 64bit machine. Granted v8 took some getting used to, but it’s HIGHLY configurable and I’m sure I will be moving my tracking sessions to v8 as soon I have a free moment. :slight_smile:

You do have to spend some time with v8, but you can definitely make it look “familiar” and you may enjoy some of the config options. It took me a year to sit down and configure it to my liking - very little down time in my world.

It’s worth the time though.


I, too, love WL8.

Personally, I customized the UI so it had the feel of 6 but with ‘more’.

The idea of the separate screens with the simple F5/ribbon button to switch. This is logical and appealing to me personally … but I started with PT so that probably accounts for that.

So I hear that WL 9 is in the Beta Test mode. I also heard that it may “solve” a lot of the problems with WL 8. I certainly hope so. I assume this means it will be out in the first or second quarter of 2016???


I’m pretty psyched for the new version of Wavelab. Any fixes are always welcome, but just some of the new feature ideas that have been tossed around here in the forum - some of those are very exciting! Looking forward to the upcoming release! :slight_smile:


Whilst I remain 100% skeptic (unfortunately) that the new release will again be rooted in the past (UI) - it is always fun to dream that it might actually get a completely new, logical, work friendly 2015-16 concept.


Hmmmm … I did a trial with Studio One to see what it was like. I can’t say that the UI there had much appeal to me.

Pro Tools and Reaper look and feel better than that (to me anyway).

And therein lies the issue: we don’t all find the same things, appealing.

Each to their own. But it’s not Studio One that is the issue here.

It’s Wavelab and it’s UI being stuck in the 90’s.


I said it before and I’ll say it again; I couldn’t care less how it looks. As long as the functionality is there - and with Wavelab, the functionality is still better than many others.

I have no issue with the functions (when they work). But the workflow has killed me in the last two releases (v7/8)

This jarring “workspace” vibe where you click on something and the entire screen disappears (or changes) has got to go.

It has gotten so bad for me that within v8 - I have just two “workspaces” now (after weeks of trial and error) that I am terrified to touch - for fear of ruining them and sending myself off onto another weird spiral trapped in WL :slight_smile:

Clearly I do not “get” this part of the program or understand how anyone could use it in day to day operations.


I can’t fathom using Wavelab or even Cubase with one monitor. I’m using 4 21-inch monitors side by side and can’t help but think both applications sort of require this for any fast workflow use.

I too am excited about version 9. Automation…finally!

That’s a nice vintage looking keyboard, Greggybud! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. Exactly. And with reliability.

I have used Oberheim MC3000 and CME VX8 in the past, both hammer action controllers and I would prefer either over the Studio Logic VMK-188plus. There isn’t a huge difference among the 3. All of them are relatively heavy, but the VMK-188plus huge shortcoming is huge velocity gaps compared to others. Oberheim MC3000…good luck even finding one. CME VX8…most are probably bricks by now.

Functionality? Are you kidding yourself? We all had better be thankful PG is in the captains chair because I don’t think Steinberg prioritizes functionality or even workflow over the “features” in Cubase that apparently sell new DAWS. It isn’t about making key commands work. It isn’t about adding a simple feature like mix undo. It’s all about adding stuff that will appeal to newbies regardless of a 3rd party doing it better. Core functionality and improved workflow only appeal to crusty old farts trying to get stuff done quicker. Maybe we should just be thankful Wavelab isn’t competing with the DAWS.

I don’t use any other Steinberg products so I don’t look at those forums, but I’m very thankful for PG’s presence here. I’m not sure if other Steinberg developers are as active on Cubase/Nuendo forums.

I was refering to the keyboard you use when you write on this forum. I haven’t seen such beige/yellow white ones in ages. :laughing:

No, I’m not kidding myself. And I’m not aware of any Cubase or even Steinberg related remark from me in this topic. But you apparently needed something off your chest, hope it helped.

LOL. Wrong again. My project studio is not connected to the internet. The keyboard on the left is only used for a Windows 98 PC running a very old MOTU Unisyn while I make a 2-year library transfer from Unisyn to MidiQuest11. I had thousands of tagged patches in Unisyn. My studio keyboard is the blue back lit one under the QconPro.

It does help to get it off my chest. But it seems to always build up again. :laughing:
My point is that I’m grateful PG is in control instead of Steinberg.

But who do you think pays PG? No offense but Yamaha and Steinberg are IN CONTROL by the mere fact that they pay PG so YES they are in control.