When launching C8.....getting errors

I upgraded from C5 to C8 the other day. All went well and the first time I launched C8 is ran just fine. Then today i go to open the program and I am getting an error that the is no e-license. So I launch the e-license app and sure enough the license is missing. So I launch C5 and the license comes back then I can open C8…strange.

Any idea why e-license intermittantly show the C8 license and then it does not? I ran all the updates etc and that does not seem to fix the issue. So now I need to open C5 first, then open C8 then close C5 to get it to work.

any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance

Open eLicense and do the maintenance tasks. Also make sure you have the latest version, but if you have installed C8 you should have the latest cersion of eLicenser. In this case apply the maintenance task from elisencer.

Yea, I did that a few times and re-downlaoded e-licenser to make sure I had the latest version…same issue.

I aslo was wondering if the usb key itself could be an issue? I have had that key when I purchase SX3 many years ago and I don’t think they can fail necessarily but I wonder if getting a new key woudl be a smart thing at this point. I am not sure if Stienburg sells those?

Anyway still have to launch C5 then after a few try C8 will launch. Strange

here are two screen shots of the error message. Maybe this makes sense to someone?

I downloaded the E-licenser again from their website. Ran the maintenance and it all worked fine. The C8 license was showing up. Then I closed the E-license app, went to launch C8 and see the attachment. then I relaunched the e-licenser app and the C8 was gone!


Just an idea, is your USB e-licenser key plugged into a usb hub?

Try plugging it into a dedicated port on your computer or at the very least
make sure your usb hub is powered seperately than just bus powered by your

yes its plugged into a powered USB hub and always has been. I’ll try plugging direct to see if that changes anything and let you know!


Right now, that seems to have fixed the issue. I plugged the key directly into the computer and not in a powered USB hub. Strange, I have always had the same license key in a powered USB hub for years when running C5 and it was never an issue. I’ll let you guys know if the problem comes back.

Now off to trouble shooting other c8 issues.

Same thing happened to me.

Having some start-up probs here as well so one approach was to plug the dongle directly into the 'puter.

I did that and C8P started up 19 times straight with no probs. YEA!

The next morning I started up C8P and it was back to the same old start-up probs.

Hard to figure this one.

Good Luck!

oh great…:frowning: that sucks! Hope we can figure that out. Honestly, I have used just about every DAW on the market and they all have their issues and stability issues. I makes me want to run back to the good old day of complete analog and get rid of these computers and software.

reminds me when I had problems with C6.5 back then, it was the USB3 port where the elisencer was pluggin in, re-plugging the thing in a USB2 port solved it.

USB can be very hit and miss for something that’s meant to be a standard.

I have a NI Maschine MKII that’s designed as a USB 2.0 device and only works properly in a USB 3.0 slot on my computer.

Go figure!!

Yep, I got this fixed. I plugged the USB key directly into the computer USB port and all is well now. Strange that a powered USB hub did not work with C8 when it did with C5 for years.

oh well got it fixed!