When more than one track is selected, what key command...

…do you hold to make all selected tracks do the same thing.

For example, switch all to Volume automation view, or mute automation view, or hide/show automation lane.

Thank you.

Why not begin with opening the automation section in key commands and take a look?

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It wouldn’t be in the automation section. But just for safe keeping I checked and no, it is not TwinOak.

What key command do you hold to make all tracks selected do the same thing.

Sorry I was a bit cryptic, it’s just that people often seem to learn things better if they can look around and figure things out for themselves.
There is no modifyer key (afaik) to make a command do something to all selected tracks because most commands themselves work that way. For example, if you bind “Show automation” to a key it works on all selected tracks. Same goes for “Hide automation”.

Regarding different types of automation, there is no command (yet) for showing different types of automation based on track selection, it’s all or nothing for every track in the projet regarding volume, eq etc (not for mute though).
These are nifty since they list through the different automations in a smart way, “show all automation eq” gives 4 lanes with the parameters for eq1 on the first tap, eq 2 on the second and so on.


Hey, thanks!
I’ve been lurking for a while to ride out the storm of post regarding the 6.5 update.