When my computer is offline, Cubase will not start

Greetings. Here is an issue.
When my computer is offline, Cubase will not start. No matter if activation is done properly. I tried Generating an offline licence, but I get the message “There is no need to create one. Your licence will continue working even if you are offline”.
That is not the case of course. I am fine as long as I am online, but many of us understand why I don’t want that to be the case.

Please help.

Do you get an error message?

If I disable my connection and start cubase the next day, I get “no licence found”.

Once the license was activated, being online or offline has no effect.

That being the case, your troubleshooting should focus elsewhere.


I read as much my self mate. That is not the case though. I honestly activated and yet today it asked me to connect to the internet.
Today I connected, I worked and now I’m going home. I 'll see what it does again tomorrow.

Can you make a screen shot?

If Cubase asks you to connect to the internet, I can imagine two scenarios. First is a plugin asking for internet connection at Cubase start up, second is VST connect is asking for it.

The License system is working without the internet connection once the license is stored (activated) on the machine. Maybe the activation doesn’t get saved as it should be done.

What is your exact Cubase version?
Which OS?

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I’m using latest Cubase 12 on Windows 10, but I just thought of something that might be it. Is it possible that because I unplugged a hard drive from inside the tower by mistake, it considered it a change in the machine, so it tried to verify that it is the same machine?

If I recall correctly, I’ve experienced a need to re-authorize when changing something about my storage environment.