When N5.51 with all those necessary fixes?

I am just wondering when the next update is scheduled. I can’t use Nuendo 5.5 ITM because of serious issues which are broken. Mainly the “on top” behavior when editing events in the project window as well as when using lanes.

This needs to be fixed ASAP.

Any info here? I did not followed the forum the last two weeks, so maybe I missed something.


I can not answer the “when” question, but I can tell you that a maintenance elease is sheduled.


Thanks, Fredo!

Well - in fact I do not care too much about the “when” question - as long as the “if” question is answered with yes :slight_smile:

Do you have a clue if it is more like “a couple of weeks” or “will took at least half a year”…? Would be from great help because I am really looking forward to finally use N5.5 on a 100% base…