When new score editor for Cubase

I am curious when the new developed score editor for Cubase will be ready ?
Together with hopefully more adcvanced chord features ( modulating between keys ) and more it will a fantastic composting program …Cubase

Be patient, something´s coming up…


The new Scoring tool is primarily a separate program, not a rework of the Cubase score editor.

You can read the blog about it at http://blog.steinberg.net

As far as when it will be out, it sounds like end of 2014.

Hi Steve,
Thanks for your effort to clear this up
I hope this new scoring editor will be also used in Cubase ?
Well i think so, because the existing score editor in Cubase is not for easy userfriendly composing
Time for a new score editor in Cubase

Takes a lot of time to develop this new score software and i hope the result is satisfying

for sure!

Yes, the current score editor is powerful but could do with a major overhaul. The main priority of the ex-Sibelius team seems to be the new notation software, but here’s hoping that they’ll be able to devote some time to the Cubase score editor. Close integration between a top DAW and a major notation program is probably many people’s dream. :slight_smile:

Absolutely! Re-wire just doesn’t cut it for a professional.

Ironically, that is what Avid was supposedly doing with Sibelius and Protools!

Also to the point of this thread- I had a brief email exchange with Daniel Spreadbury, the project manager of the new program. What he said was they would be integrating some of what they do into Score Edit.

I’ll paraphrase what he told me when I asked him about this back in April.

He said what they hope to do is to build the new technology directly into a future version of Cubase once they have got the new product established, providing a more sophisticated score editor within Cubase itself; to improve the notation in Cubase to the point that Cubase still feels like Cubase, but with a better score editor.

Sounds awesome.

He didn’t make no promises mind you!


That does sound very, very promising and would be amazing. I guess if Avid’s senior management hadn’t been so breathtakingly incompetent they might have achieved the integration, but sacking the Sibelius development team wasn’t the smartest move. The future looks bright for Steinberg users though.


Aloha guys,

this thread is nice and encouraging to read but I must ask
a question from a Steinberg/Yamaha POV.

Score notation users vs. loop and sample content users.
In which area (and how much $$$) to put effort into development.

While I applaud the Cubase advances (both past and future) in the
notation area, I can not help but think that as users we are a dying breed
when compared to users building works based
on loops/found sounds/sample content etc.

On the upside: since C7 I have used Sebelius only twice.
And both times on older projects.

I don’t think people who print music for live players is a dying breed, and I suppose YaVolmaha doesn’t either. Instead they plan to own both.

I don’t know any professional composers who write soundtracks with loops… :mrgreen:
I mean, some of the “celebrity” film composers just smoke pot and then whistle their ideas into their slaves’ ears, but in the end someone has to do the actual work…

That’s my job! I mean, That should be my job! Okay, it’s the job i want!

oh well, I can do the first part.


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That’s hilarious…I imagine , would hope the revised score program would replace the current editor and be included, or for a fee (. Oh no here goes nek all over again ) be an add on with full cubendo .x… Integration.


I often feel like the current score editor is a fantastic composting program.

Having perused the ‘blog’, it doesn’t surprise me that this will take another year or 2. That guy blathers on without saying anything better than most politicians. And SB has made so many grand initiatives like this I’ll believe it when I see it.

To me, the key benefit of Score is its integration. No matter how wonderful this new thing may be. If it’s as time-consuming to export/import as are the current contenders, it may not be worth it for me.

There is this overriding theme of all SB’s that drives me nuts: lack of integration. They have all these potentially wonderful tools that either remain separate or half-finished. Wavelab, Halion, remote control, LE, PLE. IMO all these tools should be a real -part- of Cubase—as should the scoring.


I thought that blog was a little long winded to, like a mad scientist discovering Wordpress …it’s an interesting time with software developers, look at native instruments, their core product line is very strong, but when they try to widen their reach and dabble with a range of expansion packs, then the products sound sub par, or redundant, for example any of their accoustic drums or strings expansions can’t hold a torch to the major players in that space like lass, Hollywood strings, bfd, toon track sup drummer because those players specialize. Exception being heavocity however I think ni is just a distributor for them. I see a similar pattern here with sb, exception , pad shop and retro lounge are very good synths in my opinion, and the scoring software development is an important pursuit, otherwise would rather see them focus on the improving the flagships and bring in Yamaha for digital console innovation, maybe develop other control and hardware interfaces …isn’t this what digidesign now avid does? Aren’t they the industry standard - just food for thought.

Weird, I see it the other way around, just out of curiosity can you tell me which recent Steinberg products “sound sub par, or redundant” ? Halion 5 is great, fab even, Cubasis about the only usable sequencer on the iPad and all of their recent plugins with the possible exception of the Yamaha Vintage collection are excellent (only tried YVC for a short while, so …), I have not tried a recent WaveLab but the reviews it gets are outstanding so I assume it is at the least OK.

Even Sequel is actually rather well done, some of the hardware releases may not be for everyone but I could not finger one of them as sub-par, and at the least here in the UK as far as quality and price/bang for the buck is concerned the only USB/Firewire interfaces that beat the Steinberg offerings are those insanely priced new Behringer units.

In fact it is the management and, erm … “vision” of the company that has impressed me the most in the last few years, they are open about things and provide free dev toolkits, and each new version has bought functionality updates that allow you to do something new with their software, VST3 and VST expressions have changed the way I work meaning that going to another DAW basically feels like going back in time and their hiring of the UK Avid Sibelius team was a touch of genius.

As for making professional software music tools, Steinberg is the only company left that even bothers to translate their products, I mean, it is the only DAW available in Chinese is Cubendo, to give an idea of the size of the Chinese market, 50m Chinese go onto the internet for the first time each year, that is more people than are on-line here in the UK in total, and we are supposed to be a “large market”. Remember all the USA CAD vendors of yesteryear, only the one that actually supported local distributors in localising their products survived (Autodesk), the others got eaten alive by European vendors, if someone had told me in the 80’s that the 2 biggest providers of industrial CAD/CAM would be Siemens and Dassault of all companies, I would have laughed my heart out, ditto for a German company (SAP) being the largest vendor of business software in the world.

I am quite willing to believe that the 800 pound gorilla in the room will remain to be Steinberg by 2020, they actually appear to have a plan, and separate development teams for separate products, the rest of the DAW industry just seems incoherent in their development strategies in comparison, some like Cakewalk appear not to have even a short term plan and MOTU and AVID are delivering architectural changes to their products more than a decade later than Steiny.

I used to run a number of sequencers, by now I only have Cubase and Energy-XT as a plugin, I think that shows something.