When open Cubase Pro 10 it shows Cubase Artist! Mac OS Catalina

Hi, first time posting here… Recently i updated my OS to Catalina and I noticed that when I load the Cubase 10.app it should load Cubase 10 Pro…instead the Cubase 10.app is loading Cubase Artist, even the top left corner with File and etc… are validating that i’m using Cubase Artist. I didn’t even installed Cubase Artist in my computer.
Can anyone know what’s all about with this bug? It is a bug?
Thanks in advance and sorry for my rusty english

Open the elicenser control center. What license is displayed in the USB elicenser section?

It shows Cubase Pro 10

How old is your e-licenser dongle? I say this because I had the exact same problem with Cubase 10 on a 2018 macbook pro with Catalina with an old e-licenser from about 15 years ago. I recently bought the newer, stubbier version, transferred my licenses, and all my issues went away.

I bought the Cubase with eLicenser about 6 or 7 years ago. Maybe it’s time to renew my eLicenser. From where you bought the new one? Thanks for your reply! Appreciate

There was a thread that lead me to the conclusion: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=177548
There’s pictures on the first page that compares the older and new elicensers. If you have one of the older, longer ones, then it’s the same problem I had (among other problems).

Steinberg sells them from their online store, but I ended up getting mine from an online music retailer since it was going to be a quicker delivery.

Yup! Got the older one. I guess i have to update my eLicenser. Thanks a lot for your support! Appreciate a lot! :pray: thank you!
I’ll check to my local music dealer shop if they can help me to purchase the new eLicenser key.

Back with some great news! It seems that an update from eLicenser website was the solution. Now when i’m loading c10pro it shows C10Pro instead of C.Artist 10

I ordered anyways the new dongle

10x a lot for your time and for helping me with some answers, appreciate!

Best Regards,
Marius A.