When opening a project, I need to see the sample rate to set converters

  1. Click “open” to open a new project
  2. Browse… and highlight the project you want to open
  3. At this point, with the file highlighted, PLEASE… I would love Cubase to display the sample rate of that particular project prior to me clicking “open”. This way, I can set my converters correctly, and then click open to open the project.


Not absolutely certain, but I think at that point what info is available to display is under control of Windows (or the Windows API) and not Cubase.

I think this will get you there. Don’t use File/Open… Instead use Media Bay.

In Media Bay navigate to and select the .cpr file. In the Attribute Inspector under Audio - Properties it will show you the Project’s sample rate. Double clicking in Media Bay will then open the Project.

Thanks Rodger! I will give this a try!