When overwriting, graphic slice exports to unknown folder

A very odd workaround: When I erase the original graphic-slice export file and then export the new graphic-slice file, I get the new graphic-slice file in the correct folder.

And now with a different project, I have no idea of where the graphic-slice export folder is. Clearly, it is different than in the ‘destination folder’ section.

Oh wow. Instead of exporting to the same folder as the original .dorico, Dorico creates in the enclosing folder a new folder with the project filename. I’ll have to see how to fix that.

maybe not exactly the same problem, but for me it’s for the audio export which is a bit problematic and I find myself with a ton of folders et de

and audio file names like :
xxxxxx_xxxx_xxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxx -xxxxetc.mp3
finally I do a search with the windows explorer and then use “Lupas rename” to rename the audio files…maybe there is better?
if you also have a solution for this?

Unfortunately, I do not.