When Page Mode is not activated, selecting a different MIDI part opens it in the score editor

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Is there a way to make the score editor keep open the current layout when Page Mode is not activated? I would like when selecting other MIDI parts to be able to look at the layout that I opened, not the ones I click on. Thank you.

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Sorry I’m not with Cubase right now… But there is a preference to follow (sync) selection when selecting the MIDI Parts. I believe it’s in the Editors section. Here it is: Editor Content Follows Event Selection.

If you disable this option, the editor remain to show the originally selected MIDI Part. To open the currently selected MIDI Part in the editor, double-click, press Enter or for the Key Command. At the end, you can have multiple editors open.


Also, note that

  1. Layouts are only displayed in Page Mode

  2. The pref Martin taught you works without regard to the mode (page or edit) which is active in the Score Editor

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I believe I’ve made a feature-request once about having multiple layouts open.Thank you! It’s great to know I can have different parts displayed on different monitors as musical notes.
EDIT: unfortunately, having multiple editors open when it comes to the score editor is not possible…

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oops! post edited.

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