when playing a file, it sounds faster as it should

Hi everybody

Need some help :

from some days, when I play a file in a project, it sounds obviously sharper ( about 1 or 1an a half tone above) than the actual tone.
Even in projects that were perfectly OK previously.

Thanks to help

by the way, I’m french, and no so clever trough english language, please be kind !


Make sure the Sample Rate of the Project is the same as the Sample Rate of the Audio Device.

I just upgraded from win8 to win10 and experiencing a slight jitter in the audio. It’s more like a stutter sound. Made sure the sample rate where the same but still getting the stutter. Didn’t experience this in win8 but only in win10, is it maybe compatibility issues? Any ideas? Will be testing some more though hoping to find more info on why it’s doing it. Thanks


If it’s a compatibility issue, then it isn’t a known one.