When printing in Print Mode, is there any way to specify a custom file name besides the default?

My actual Dorico files are using a titling system with extra info (such as _1b at the end of each subsequently saved file, etc.). Now when I try and use the Print Mode to export as a pdf, it seems to automatically use that same Dorico file name, with the layout name tacked on at the end, for the actual saved pdf file’s name. My question: Is there any way to customize this default (as an example: such that it simply saves it using for the file name: the name of the piece, followed by a hyphen and then the part layout name, etc.?) I ask since otherwise I would (I suppose) either have to change my Dorico file name before exporting, or manually change every exported pdf’s file name afterwards, with neither the most elegant solution. Thanks!

  • D.D.

Not currently. I believe it’s either coming soon or being seriously considered.

Each save you make is done to a separate file? Perhaps you might like to try something like ForeverSave 2, an app which performs automated, regular, versioned saves for you. You wouldn’t need your 1b then, and the filename could be the name of the piece, which would then give you the PDF name that you want.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve actually already been using ForeverSave 2 (I admittedly originally got it because Sibelius kept crashing!) but haven’t used it yet much with Dorico. Even with it on, though, old habits die hard ( including my re-saving my projects periodically with slightly different names so I can go back directly, etc. :slight_smile: - even though you’re quite correct that ForeverSave 2 essentially does the same thing)…

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Never do any tedious repetitive task yourself, when you can get the computer to do it for you! That’s part of the reason I’m using Dorico in the first place. :laughing:

Absolutely. I think I’ve hesitated also because I’ve found ForeverSave 2 can be a bit iffy sometimes - sometimes I think it’s on and working but it actually hasn’t done an initial save. In those cases, I’ve been too lazy to figure out whether it has something to do with the program needing to be an “active” window for a certain period of time or something else. Also: with the saving under different file names approach I can also make an indication of what change I had made in the actual title, and it makes it easy to track/go back (plus file sizes are small so space is not a concern).

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