When recording, MIDI notes show up way behind the playhead

Hello, as I am recording a sequence via my MIDI keyboard, the notes pop up on the screen almost a full bar behind the playhead, rather than on the playhead. Nothing is quantized (certainly not the recorded notes)
Nuendo 11, Win 10 machine, doesn’t seem to make a difference which VSTs I am using, or audio drivers either. I’ve tried my focusrite native ASIO drivers (which I normally avoid, as they really do not play nice with Nuendo), and the low latency generic ASIO driver on various outputs on my system. No difference.
Any ideas? I don’t have any issues like this in my other DAWs

OK, after more googling I finally found the correct phrasing that brought me back to a thread on this forum earlier this year: https://forums.steinberg.net/t/midi-notes-recorded-ahead-of-playhead/616492/24
…And Jose7822’s advice: “Have you tried going into Devices > MIDI Port Setup and putting a checkmark on “Use System Timestamp for ‘DirectMusic’ Inputs” ?”
fixed it for me.


Wow! That’s from an ancient time, but I’m glad to hear that it helped :+1:.

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