When recording MIDI the pitch is a semitone low

The pitches played by my MIDI keyboard come out a ~semitone higher than they should be.
The correct notes appear on the staff, I play an A and A appears on the staff, but it sounds like a detuned B natural (somewhere between Bb and B, closer to B natural.)
Procedure: Open Dorico hub. Create new project. Select solo piano template. Write mode. Select bar 1. Select Record on the transport. Start playing. The music is about 1.5 semitones higher than concert pitch. This is driving me crazy. I’m a total newb with Dorico, longtime Sibelius composer. Same thing with MIDI recording from a 2nd MIDI keyboard.

Hi @indigo3301 welcome to the forum!

This sounds very much like a sample rate mismatch. For example, Dorico is set to 48000 and your system is set to 44100. You can check your Dorico sample rate under Device Setup…

440 Hz * (48000 / 44100) = 478.9 Hz, which is A#4 plus 47 cents.

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To add to Chester, go to Edit > Device Setup and change the sample rate to a different value, wait 5 seconds and set it back to the previous sample rate. That should bring the sample rate in line again and your score should sound at the correct pitch.

I like this suggestion. Good calculation. I’m looking at Mac MIDI device setup to see if the setting is wrong there or in Dorico. All my MIDI stuff works fine in Logic Pro and Sibelius.

Yes that was it. Dorico Device Settings found in Edit, Device Settings. THANK YOU BOTH!!!


I’d also recommend that you use the same sample rate (doesn’t matter which rate, but always the same) in all the different apps, in order to avoid such trouble in the future.