When recording vocals, the instrumental double recording as well

Hey guys. At first I didn’t had this problem with cubase.First of all, I use windows 10 , steinberg UR22 MK2 and a behringer XENYX x1832 USB mixer.
My UR22 mk2 card is the main sound card plugged in my computer.from Imput 1 it goes to 7/8 channel imput in the mixer.The mic goes from channel 1 of the mixer. When I record in Cubase 9 Pro, I don’t even have to go closer to the mic and the instrumental is recorded as well on the vocal track. I’ve set my VST connection as 2 mono imputs and a stereo output. I know that somehow the instrumental channel even if I set it on a different mono imput than the mic, it goes stereo through output setting and it’s getting somehow back through the imput setting again. Please help me solve this issue…I need to record… :frowning: Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome,

Could you double-check if Loopback Recording is disabled on the UR22 driver, please?

Thanks man! That was usefull. The loopback was enabled :stuck_out_tongue: