When segno clashes with rehearsal mark

Can anyone tell me what is the correct layout when a segno clashes with a rehearsal mark.
Dorico gives this

But to me it doesn’t look right. I tried it to the left

And I tried it to the right.

Does anyone know if there is a really correct answer?

I would go with the segno right of the rehearsal mark…

Perhaps you can compromise and go with the segno on the right side and then nudge the rehearsal mark and segno sign over a touch so the double barline is between them. It will be apparent that the barline is where they apply. I think this is the case of simple preference.

I did double check the “bible” (Gould) and she says, “The segno and coda signs go above the stave (or top stave of a system), centered over the barline.” (pg. 240)

For good measure (no pun intended) I double checked the rehearsal marks guidelines (pg. 485) and she recommends centering the rehearsal mark on the barline or flush left with it. (ie- the left edge of the box lines up with the double barline). So if anything, you should move the rehearsal mark, not the segno sign, and place the rehearsal mark to the right of the segno sign.

Thanks to Estigy and Romanos. I think my instinct was that the segno mark belongs to the initial barline and the rehearsal mark to the music within it. And so, in the end, I think I’ll take the advice of Romanos. But thank you to you both.

Personally, segno on the right of the rehearsal mark looks better in my opinion.

Apparently Gould would recommend otherwise, but regarding the “D.C. al Coda” text, she also recommend below the staff which is something I have never seen before and is a recommendation I will surely not follow.