When selling steinberg stuff on the dongle

Is it possible to sell parts separately or does it have to be everything and the dongle (like cubase 9.5 and groove agent)

Unfortunately I need the money.

You need another dongle. If the buyer has one, you could transfer 1 item onto their dongle but the dongles have to be physically in the same place. You could, if you trust them, mail the dongle to them, have them transfer one item to their dongle, and mail yours back (or they could mail you their dongle). Probably easiest just to buy another dongle. I think it’s a good idea to have a spare one anyway.

Yes, as Jaslan says you need the two dongles to be on the same machine for the transfer.

Also, probably worth using the Steinberg Resale Wizard software for accomplishing the license transfer to the new owner.

So realistically, It’s easiest to just sell all together it seems. That’s an easy ship (US) so hopefully someone will want groove agent 4 as well.

Easiest, probably yes but I’d think you’re unlikely to get as good a price as selling them separately (which would require more work and probably buying a second dongle).

Since I’m just getting out of the game entirely (nothing wrong with cubase) I’ve decided to sell all of it pretty cheaply.

So, since I’m sending them the dongle, who do I contact USA to do the transfer? (the site seems to only state transferring from one dongle to another)

Just unregister the dongle. Then the new owner can register eveything in their name.

I don’t understand this. The software can be downloaded from the Steinberg site.
You then pay to register and have a license to run it.
Therefore to sell it you don’t have to physically give the software to the new buyer.
They can download it then you need to transfer the ownership with Steinberg.

We are talking about the license, not the software.


Are there instructions on the site how to unregister? I’m asking here because I’ve had a tough time getting the information sometimes.

And BTW, thanks to all :slight_smile:

I found this, it ask if there are further licenses. Am I going in the right direction?

Did you mean to link to whatever “this” was.

Anyhow, you were already given the link to the resale wizard which is still the direction you need to go in.

Sorry I missed that :confused:

Yes, that is the link. All good, thanks guys!!!