When should audio priority be set to "boost?"

I’ve been using C5 since it came out and have always meant to ask this. Under the device set up, it has this option. When is this a good idea and when is it a bad idea?

I have to use it to be able to use NI Reaktor, or it will create massive asio spikes.
Other than that I never used it though, not even sure what exactly it does :wink:

I always thought that it would give more priority to the audio over graphics so the graphics may become sluggish when used. But that is entirly conjured up in my head with nothing to back it up with :astonished:

…One can simply click on the “help” button underneath, and read…

yeah if there WAS a “help” button underneath, which there isn’t. (It’s grayed out)

Oh, I notice I asked this question a year ago, and got the same smartass answer.

You know, you people who actually seem to HAVE a “help” button could just copy and paste the contents, rather than insulting us for asking. Sheesh…

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This from the help info:

"When you run Cubase, there are several process fighting for access to processor time in your computer. This parameter allows you to determine which processes have priority in Cubase:

Priority = Normal In this mode, which is the default mode, non-audio processes and audio playback get roughly equal priorities

Priority = Boost In this mode, audio precedes MIDI in priority. Try this mode if audio playback problems occur when playing back a project which contains a lot of MIDI events."