When should I TimeWarp+Set Def. from Tempo in Musical Mode?

I’m wondering how Cubase assigns a tempo to a variable tempo audio that I drag in. I guess it is analyzing it somehow, but how?

I’ve gotten myself all confused about two situations that can happen when using Musical Mode. I have gone and done testing in Cubase, but I’m embarassed to admit , I can’t actually figure out what’s happening.

Here are the two things I’ve tried:

  1. Simply adjusting the tempo track when Musical Mode is activated.
  2. Before changing the tempo track with Musical Mode activated - do a Time Warp to the audio, then “Set Definition from Tempo”.

The results are different, but I can’t figure out exactly how, at least not enough to understand it.

So - I’m wondering - what kind of situations would I need to do one vs. another? Noting, very little if any of the music I work with is steady tempo.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile: