When to expect fixes for Cubase 10?

I spent from release date til now uninstalling and fixing most of the damage Cubase 10 did to my system. There’s still some minor stuff to get back to 9.5 stability, but if the patch is coming soon, I’ll wait. any idea?

I wish i knew, 10 is unusable. Thank god for 9.5 huh.

My Cubase 10 crash problem got a basic solution through my three days of hard work and repeated testing. The problem is mainly in one software: McDsp. All of the company’s plugins have collided with the existing Cubase10 and caused a sudden crash. Uninstalling my Cubase10 will now work fine. I hope that Steinberg can solve this problem in the next version. Hope can help everyone.

I can’t understand why steinberg came out with so many new changes that slow down production process, aren’t any of them music producers / recording engineers / mixers ?? Or they don’t use cubase as their daw ?

I’ve been complaining about this for Years.
How they can take something that was working great, and then screw it up is beyond me…

My guess is, when the demo is released which should be sometime early December - I’m pretty sure that’s why the delay release of demo, to make sure things are stable before people demo their software.


I’m glad I didn’t uninstall my Cubase 9.5 ( when I paid for my upgrade to Cubase 10,I hoped for a stable release of the software

I cannot understand how the brand new version of Cubase 10 had been released,with all these problems and issues occuring.Spoils the overall impression of Cubase 10 to be honest.

Ok I can understand the odd bug here and there,but reading the posts about Cubaase 10 and the bugs and faults,that some members are experiencing,I am shocked and saddened.

Probably in version 10.5 for $50

The first patch use to come out pretty quick. 9.5.10 was out December 12th, I would guess it will be something similar for 10.0.10.