When to expect next update?

When may we expect the next Dorico update, out of interest?


September 3, 2021, shortly after lunch.

(You would be the first person to get an answer to this question. The only thing Daniel mentioned, is “later in the year”.)


As my mother says: “When it’s ready and not before.” :grin:

Daniel’s last comment about the state of things is here:


Was hoping they might be able to do it by breakfast that day.


Hi ! Dorico 3.5 works pretty very well for me. But very curious and now strongly impatient to know what will be the new functionalities of the 4.0 !!!

So are we all, but we’re not going to be told! Other than snippets, as when somebody reports a bug and Daniel or someone else assures us that it’s been fixed in the development version.

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I’d love to spill the beans, but then there wouldn’t be any surprises left…


Looking forward to it, whenever it is, but I am intrigued by the “something new and exciting.”

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It’s meant to be intriguing, of course!


This comment really hits the nail on the head for me. I’ve been quieter on forums. Of course I still come daily to see if I can help, but 90% of the time, Leo’s already solved 17 problems by the time I get up in morning! But the real reason for my apparent dormancy is that Dorico 3.5 is such an amazing fit for me that even though I’m chomping at the bit to see what’s new, I work with Dorico with precious few issues. Especially since the pandemic, my time on Dorico has increased a great deal as I am doing far more writing than performing. The latest project is for a CD for small ensemble and soprano solo. 21 songs to orchestrate. Dorico is so ideal for this gig that I can’t imagine working differently. 21 flows; we’re still discussing potential order changes or song replacements; I’m taking notes on screen during our virtual meetings (It’s a Red Deer/Montreal project); the instrumentation changes from song to song, etc … all of piece of cake. I’m don’t even have to use condensing and divisi for this project and it’s already such a joy to put all of this together. The project is already so well organized because of the way Dorico handles things. By the time we hit the studio, which won’t be for a while, I know I will also get comments about the quality of output.

So yes, I can’t wait to see what’s in store, but if these complicated decisions by the developers had to be made, this was the right time to do it, at least for me. I still post my gripes, bug reports etc … but the truth of the matter is that Dorico performs extremely well for me.


Amen to that. It also seems to me that the number of basic user issues has decreased dramatically with the advent of excellence documentation. More of the issues seem to be niche, or related to the user’s particular computer.

I still lurk quite a bit here, as I can’t seem to stay away, but there’s much less to interact with than there was two years ago. More time for making things!


I have to agree. I was on the forums DAILY for about 3 years straight. Dorico 3.5.12 has fulfilled so many of my needs, that while I am using Dorico daily, I do not need to come here searching for answers. And the number of questions that arise that I would try to help answer are being answered and solved before I even see the thread. Great people like Leo and Dan are always there for a terrific answer.

It’s great to have such a wonderful community! Both in terms of the users on this forum, but also the wonderful team from Dorico (Lillie, Daniel, John, and the rest of the programming team). I wish more software companies acted the same as Dorico! Imagine what could be achieved with the computer at one’s home.

I am excited for v4 to be released, but am doing incredibly well with v3.5.12.



I can’t imagine what you guys will do to improve now. Honestly, Dorico 3.5 is great. My orchestration students are actually tired of hearing me say so and are asking if I’m getting money to advertise it. But, if you ever have the time and patience, add some music fonts to Dorico. The standard is perfect - it’s just for the sake of it being cool and the possibilities to personalize scores.


Well, the update could be Dorico 4 or a Dorico 3.5.x that includes some new features, like the new licensing system that is on the making. Which I would like to have it sooner than later.

Daniel said recently that it could be a while for Dorico 4 but it may be a new lesser update before the big release. Or may be I am dreaming.

I’d be happy with a Dorico 3.5.13 where you can hide notes, and playback glissandi. And align objects such as lines as in CAD programs. I do not ask for much. :slight_smile:

My original post has turned into a long thread.