when to expect Nuendo 7 ?

any estimates yet when the next number update will come?


Nuendo 7 is currently still in beta phase due to the extensive feature scope, which means it won’t be
available in Q1 this year. However, more information on Nuendo 7 features in general will be available soon. :wink:


That will make people on the duc cry even more…

Q2 at least?

I had the exactly the same idea. I have both programs and it can be confusing what version is at the same level and can sort of open each other’s projects.

Not that I except it to happen but it would be nice if a cubase PRO 8 license wold work as a “nuendo 8” nek license. For now I need both programs for nuendo specific features and for session compatibility with friends and customers.

Looks promising.

Strike while the iron is hot!!!

the time seems ripe for some shakeup in post and other markets too… avid doesn’t seem to be handling things too well right now. Will Steinberg be able to take advantage of the unrest?

Why does PT still occupy the throne? What does Nuendo / Cubase need to be king across the board?



  1. ability to play back MXF video files from an imported AAF folder
  2. ability to replace audio in an MXFop1A file, with full selectability of all 16 channels

That’s about it. As far as I’m concerned, Nuendo already beats PT in every other respect.

Grouping and Import Session Data are the two most useful features for us in PT. Also copy/paste of automation has traditionally been a bit of a cr*p shoot in Nuendo.


Agreed, +VCA functionality.


  • Show automation data on tracks

  • leave offline-plugins open (right now biggest time-killer imo)

and please - Nuendo has to get rid of this clicking-thing they introduced in v6.

In old edit-channel-window (for example) we had all relevant infos at a glance. Now we got tons of tabs whith tons of sub-tabs… Still not get that design-decision… Please give us back the user-definable view-settings.

A big fat Plus 1

No gray on gray labelling, larger and more distinctiv clickboxes.
And I don’t like the tree structure of plugin choice pop up window, either.

Just get rid of these and a few more, mostly gui design, curiosities …
and you are Papa’s darling, again.

Big K


What Domilik and Big K said.

Yeah, I’m not gonna lie, from a logic and functionality standpoint it would be extremely difficult to explain why providing less control in a single layer is an improvement. Your comparison image is pretty self explanatory. Excellent job with the red circles!

You know once upon a time I was head of A&R at a big record company. There were a number of sub-label divisions each with its own label head and A & R guys.

The syndrome I noticed, since it was unmissable, was that each new A & R guy in charge wanted to prove he was a genius and changed everything up. Most old artists out, new artisrs (his) in. Old artists who stay make different kinds of records with different producers etc etc. A good deal of the changes made were just for the sake of change under the new leadership.

Some of the recent changes in Nuendo and Cubase seem very similar to me. New people making changes that are not fully thought through from an end-user standpoint. Marking their turf as is human nature. Hopefully,over time the situation will self correct. I do not doubt their intentions, but I do doubt that the perspective is always from the seasoned end user’s perspective.

I hate the “hover-over magically-appearing buttons” changes that were made. Using Cubase/Nuendo with a Wacom tablet now is extra-miserable.

Agreed, the ‘hover-over buttons’ are the worst part of Nuendo for me.

I agree with the hover-over buttons being a downgrade.

Yes, I too hate the hoover-buttons. A definite downgrade.

I have zero hope they’ll get “fixed” though.

This hover thingy is a nightmare, too, very true!

And I am not willing to buy me spectacles because I have a harder time to identify those badly designed
knobs and corners where to hover over, …after 12 hours of staring onto the DAW screens, every day.

I would not go quite as far as Getalife2 mentioned in his post that this optical GUI ( or shall I say GAU?) downgrade
was purely a matter of “new guys - new design”, but the idea has something intriguing.
Anyhow, it devinitively was a change for the worse.

Again, just release an alternative version to this baloney GUI we are sorely afflicted with, if you absolutely must have to keep the new, rather impractical one for what ever reasons.

Big K