when to mix in vst or cubase?


Just curious, how often, if ever do you mix inside a virtual instruments, for example, if you are running kontakt with multiple instruments loaded or vienna ensemble pro. Also with reverb, should I be turning off the built in reverb on the strings in kontakt or use it? I sometimes see these awesome, and large vienna instruments templates with all thepans and sends in there. That’s what got me wondering


For consistency reasons, I turn off all ambience in the VST so that I get a dry sound. But I also always render each .nkt in Kontakt as an audio track in Cubase so that allows me to route those to group channels for like-processing, i.e. all horns will get the same HPF, etc.

I never mix in a VST, simply because I want all my faders in the same place: the mixer.

For me, depends on the VSTi and what it offers. And I’m also undisciplined and lazy, so there’s a random element too. I think of it like a guitar amp, which has tone controls, and sometimes effects, so you can use both the guitar amp and you can use Cubase mixing tools. It’s whatever works in the moment.

This is a good point. I may never mix in a VST but there are definitely times when I’ll use VST effects now that I think about it. A good example is Guitar Rig Pro, where I’ll sometimes use the built-in delay because there are e-stompbox effects inserted after the delay that modify the signal further.

For the very same reason I try to avoid mixing in both VSTi:s and Cubase. I prefer using my mixing console.

I’d do that if my audio interface and mixer board had enough in and outputs to accomodate my projects, but they don’t :wink:

They never do! That’s why I said: “I try to avoid”. Even my current setup with 32 in/out channels isn’t enough every time and I’m forced to do some submixes inside Cubase every now and then :frowning:


The rule is… there is no rule. Do what works best for you. You’ll establish your own workflow and techniques and over time optimize them, and at the same time discover new and different ways to achieve the result you are after.
So, if ‘mixing inside the VSTi’ works for you… do it. If you like the sound of that reverb… then why not use it? But at the same time always evaluate it in the context of the mix overall… does it fit?