When to Variaudio?

Variaudio question: Say you have a vocal track with 30 events after editing. What I find myself doing is highlighting each event separately, then hitting “P” to insert markers, then double clicking the event to open Variaudio, then making whatever corrections, then moving on to next event and repeating the process…over and over.
I’m assuming to avoid doing this over and over, you need to first make ALL the edits on the track, THEN bounce or render. Once this is done and the track is ONE event rather than thirty, then highlight it, double click to open it in the sample editor, then make whatever corrections need to be done.

If I make corrections, THEN bounce or render, the new track/event doesn’t include the Variaudio corrections.

Also, If you inadvertently continue making corrections past the highlighted event (even though Variaudio shows the segments), those corrections won’t show up in your final version. You must make all corrections in a highlighted event.

Any thoughts? Am I missing something?

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What exactly do you mean by this, please? Are there 30 Lanes (takes)?

30 events on one track. Typically a vocal track that has lots of edits.

I use track versions:
Version 1 , clean , no edits (as a backup version)
Version 2, all cuts, trim S´s, fades, spectral layers, etc
Version 3 only for Tuning (melodyne or variaudio - depends)
Version 4 , final full audio edited and tuned.

There will be some more fine tuning on the version 4 sometimes, if i need to render in place again ill do a version 5.