when update 10.0.20 will be available ?

HI !

Do you know when next update will be available ? I’m planning to buy a new Imac but this is on Mojave and the “import audio” bug is very very boring to work so i have to wait until this is fixed . thanks for information

Hi !

Steini announced that the next update for Cubase 10 will be released on thursday 18th of april.
However,ofcourse,i don’t know if the bug you experienced will be solved in this new version.

I am on Mojave also (10.14.4).
Could you maybe inform us about what issue you are experiencing ?
I can then try to replicate that issue here.

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Hi ! thanks for your reply

i think my bug is already known, there is a big problem with the “audio import” option. when i click on it, first i can’t preview any sound, and second, the window becomes very big and completely grey . big bug. nothing to do next.
Importing sound is a basic and very import function of any sequencer and it does not work on mojave so i have to wait that bug to be fixed before buying a new Imac, that’s why i’m asking that.

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Use Mediabay for import as a workaround?
(Remember to activate Control Rom to hear the previewed audio)


I don’t know exactly which function you mean by “audio import”, where can i find that in Cubase ?
Do you maybe mean the function under menu Media > Import Medium ?
If so, that function doesn’t have a preview option, that’s by design.
Futhermore, for me the window that opens when i choose “Import Medium” looks prefectly alright here.
Or do mean Menu File > Import > Audio File ?
This function also doesn’t have a preview option, that’s by design.
Futhermore, the window that opens when i choose this function looks perfectly alright here.

OSX 10.14.4

I missed that. Where did you see it?

It was in a post i read last week, from a Steinberg support guy, here on the C10 forum.
Just tried to find that post but no luck.
But i am very sure i have read it cause i instantly made a note of it in my Calender on my macbook :0)

Warm Regards.

Thanks for that reply. Looking forward to the update here.


Of course there is a preview mode, there always has, this is the way i work since 15 years to import files. i can’t attach video on this forum so here is a wetransfer so you can see what i mean (the soft is in french but you will understand i guess) https://we.tl/t-ZQZRAU8FEO

You wil seel that the automatic play of the preview mode is not working , there is no sound coming from it, i have to click on the sounds to hear them. This version is on Sierra so it does not work fine on Sierra either. the problems comes definately from C10 .

cheers :slight_smile:

Hi, i am very sorry for the mis-information in my post.
I didn’t notice the “Options” button in the Import Audio Window.
When i click on that button, here also no preview mode becoming visible,plus large grey area in the windows,so indeed a bug.
I am on OSX Mojave 10.14.4 , Cubase V10 latest version.
So as you state indeed, the bug isn’t OSX dependent but is in C10.
Hope as you that this gets a fix soon.

Warm Regards.


I didn’t get the bug in El Capitan - but after I upgraded to Mojave a couple of weeks ago I also can’t preview audio.

MMmm, that would mean Mojave IS somehow involved in the “preview bug” in Cubase 10…
Interesting…thanks for the post !

I find it hard to believe they will release 10.0.20 on the 18th of April due to public holidays in Germany around that date. Either earlier or later.