When updating Soft elicenser with LE, my license for Cubase Elements 10.5 was removed

Respected Steinberg.
I received an email in which you offered me a free upgrade to cubase LE 11. After downloading, enter serial number and perform product reactivation, My steinberg removed my Cubase Elements 10.5 license, leaving me with a lower-level license with less benefits and services than I bought. It has not been possible to reactivate it with any method since it requests a new serial.

Note: Before there were two licenses, one for cubase LE 9 and one for Cubase Elements 10.5. Now I only have cubase LE.

I already notified in the official emails but I have not received a solution and I have many projects that I must finalize for delivery. I ask for the favor of a prompt solution, thank you very much

  • What licenses are shown in your Elicenser Control Center? (regardless of what is displayed in the My Steinberg account)

  • What happens when you launch Cubase Elements by double clicking?

  • What does the Splash screen, and/or the About screen display?

  • Do you have use physical USB Elicenser or the Soft Elicense which is saved on your storage drive?

When starting cubase it starts cubase LE but not Cubase Elements. I had bought the cubase Elements to be able to export video. However, after updating I can no longer export video and I cannot activate again because it tells me that the serial number is obsolete.
-usb licenser I do not have since it is from cubase Artist that is requested as a requirement.

Obsolete? I wonder if you are inserting the Download Access Code?

A Download Access Code is a string of alphabetic and numeric characters divided into 5 groups with 5 digits each. Like:

The Activation codes are 8 groups of 4 characters.

I am inserting the second