When upgrading do I have to reinstall all my plug ins?

I just bought the Cubase 6 upgrade. All my plug ins are in the Cubase 4 plug ins folder. Is there an easy way to get all of them in to Cubase 6? Is it possible to just copy and paste the .dll’s or do I have to reinstall everything?

Might depend on the Plugins.
A good starting point is to read the designated chapter in the operation manual.

For PC: Just install CB 6 and if it’s the same bit version as your previous CB 4 (32/64) add a new path in “VST 2.x Plug-in Paths” in CB 6 to the folder where your plugs are now.
Should work!

If you don’t plan on removing C4, you can add a path to your VST folder in C6’s plugins preferences. This may not work for all your plugs.

Yeah adding paths worked! Thanks guys!