When using a big mouse pointer tooltips are obscured

Mouse pointer covers the tooltips, rendering them unable to read.

It happens in all Steinberg software I tried, be it a DAW, Cubase 12, or VST instruments and effects, like Groove Agent, Halion, and many more… I am experiencing this problem with the latest/current Steinberg and Apple software releases.

There’s a thread several years old that nobody qualified responded, with one user blaming the Operating System, but it turns out that I have no problem at all with the tooltips from any other brand’s software, just Steinberg’s, and several users using different Operating Systems like Windows and MacOS reported the same problem.

I just stopped using Cubase 12 trial version and decided not to purchase it because nobody seemed to care, although I notice very long and daily YouTube videos and marketing about it, while nobody seems to care about years old bugs.

I want to be able to use a big mouse pointer, needed for current high resolution screens and bigger displays, and it completely covers the Tooltip rendering them unable to read, but using the smallest pointer size it still covers part of the tooltip, although I will keep using the big mouse pointer.

The problem is that even if I am not using Cubase as a DAW, I am still using a few plugins from Steinberg, but if nobody cares may be the boat is sinking little by little and I better use other plugins too.

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You are correct that the position of the tooltip frame is usually closer to the mouse cursor on the y axis compared to other software and that even the standard mouse cursor (select arrow) overlaps the text of a tooltip by several pixel.

There are some dependencies, however:
The actual amount of pixel overlapping depends on direction from which the mouse cursor comes to the ‘tooltip activation area’. Also a factor is where the mouse cursor ends up in that area.

It is hard to make a screenshot of it as the mouse cursor is not part of a screenshot.

Yes indeed.
Thanks for bringing this up, I noticed this annoyance already long time ago.
I hope your post will make it to the development team