When using drummaps Halion will not work on channel one??


have this since long time in Nuendo 4 and now Cubase 5.

Having a miditrack with drums. Sending it to a Halion @ channel 1 , using the sends to send to channel 2,3,4 and 5 as well.

The stuff on channel 1 will not playback - till I switch back to “no drummap” - then everything works well, but now I don’t have a drummap which is unusable. In Nuendo 4 there was furtunatelly a bug which caused the track to still show the drummap even when switched back to “no drummap” - but they fixed it in C5.

What to do?


Have you tried that drum map on some other multitimbral VSTi? (i.e. is the problem with Halion, or with the map?)