When using lanes, please let new takes move up as high as possible when there's room

In Cubase 11, where there was space, takes would be stacked as high as possible if there was room. In Cubase 12, it puts the take on the next lane. Please at least create a preference to have the option. It was way more space-efficient before.

What if you turn off the Lanes?
It sounds like you’re comparing stacking audio takes on top of each other to using lanes. But I can’t be sure…

Had a look in C11, works the same here as C12. I wonder what’s going on?

I just checked Cubase 11 too, and you’re correct. Ha - I am losing my mind.

So what it does is always put a take as high as possible in the lanes when you go later in time (to the right) in the track. If you do takes where there’s content in that track later in time, the takes will be placed as low as they need to go to not overlap other takes. The feature request would be the option that if there’s space and it doesn’t overlap anything, that the take automatically move up as high as possible when hitting stop.

(I hope that made some sense)

oh, if I’m understanding correctly i don’t like the behavior described!

For example: I may have several takes from a previous session of just the first verse, and today the singer is here to sing the chorus on the same track.

I would not like today’s takes to be pushed up to the lanes generated earlier just because there is “empty space” to the right of where the first verse was sung.

Is that what you guys are saying is the current behavior?

(I’d like today’s singing to be on its own lane, and on the same track).

Thanks for clarification!

Correct, Alexis. the way you don’t like it is the way that is now - and is the way I somewhat like it :slight_smile:
It would be nice to have 3 options in preferences:

  1. The way it is now: takes are placed as high as possible but making sure they don’t have any take in front of them

  2. The way I want it: Everything goes as high as possible as long as it fits

  3. The way you want it: Every new take gets a brand new lane

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If the new takes overlap time-wise with the old, then I see what you describe, @cinematree. Otherwise it works like you want. Can you test this observation?

@Steve Yes, that’s the way it’s working on my system. And the question for me is if you record a new clip under vocal_06 and shorter than vocal_06, I’d like it to put it in Lane 5, and Cubase will put it in Lane 7.

And then if you do a take later that’s longer where would it go?

Anyway, I wonder if it would be possible to implement without changing the entire logic of comping and stacking audio events.

It depends on where exactly it is. If it’s after the end of Vocal 07, it would go in Lane 1. If it starts some time during Vocal 09, it would stay under Vocal 09. It would be the way it is now, so if you play around with it in Cubase how it’s doing it will become more obvious .