When using the in place editor, the track remains large sized when closed.

It’s really annoying. And the only kinda weird work around is to create an individual folder and place that track inside. This folder then behaves as normal in terms of sizing. If you take the track that had the in place editor opened and then closed, out of the folder, it then goes back to being large and expanded, even though the piano roll has been closed / collapsed.

You only have to activate the in place editor once and you’ll forever never be able to resize the track back down to normal size even when it is collapsed again.

video to show issue: https://imgur.com/5WYzFz7


Sorry I don’t understand your case… What do you mean by Piano Roll? Do you mean the In-Place editor or the Key Editor in the Lower Zone? What do you mean by “close track”, please?

Could you attach some screenshots, please?

Hi Martin sorry I meant in place editor. I amended the post.
And I meant when you close the in place editor the channel track remains the same size. Even if you try and resize it close. What happens is:

  1. Close the in place editor
  2. Track channel remains large as it was when it was open.
  3. Manually resize it so it becomes small again.
  4. Click another channel track, and then when you do, the previous track that you resized expands to the previously large size again all by itself.

i made a video now to show - it’s a really annoying bug:



Sorry, I don’t see the In Place editor on the video. How did you close it? I cannot reproduce it here. Btw is Zoom Tracks Exclusive enabled or disabled on your side?

Shot in the dark here-

I think it’s Enlarge Selected Track that’s activated, and that the track height was adjusted smaller .

So I’d suggest changing the height of the track with Enlarge Selected Track activated, and then invoke the command Zoom:Zoom Tracks One Row and see if that ‘fixes’ it

i don’t think zoom tracks exclusive had anything to do with it as i never use that, but in googling some more I decided to uncheck the box for zoom tool standard - horizontal zooming only - and it fixed it, even though it has nothing to do with the issue as I don’t use the zoom tool. And the funny thing is when I reenabled that check box the weird sizing behaviour did not come back. It works as normal. I have a feeling its a small random bug.

Thanks steve _ i actually managed to fix it by checking and unchecking the zoom tool standard mode in preferences - even though I don’t think this has anything to do with this as i don’t use the zoom tool. but the behaviour is now back to normal, it may be a bug.

i did have enlarge selected track selected - and still do - but that track remained enlarged even after I resized it smaller as per the video. thanks though